Get the straight facts from one of bodybuilding’s biggest experts.

Jim Stoppani is well known in the world of bodybuilding for his expertise on the science behind all the elements of bodybuilding. Whether it be nutrition, supplements, or workouts – Stoppani knows how to use real science to design programs and inform bodybuilders how to maximize their results.

He’s also very open and honest about the truths behind bodybuilding. No BS, no dancing around the topic – just cold hard truth. That’s why Jim Stoppani has teamed up with us to create our new five part series: One-on-One With Jim Stoppani, so that he can get down to the detailed truth about the things you all need to know. Our premier episode gets straight to the point by discussing the real facts behind the recent new steroid laws that have gone into effect and why more people should be talking about it. Check it out in the video above!


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