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Franco Columbu: The Beast

Bodybuilding can truly be a fickle sport. Many competitors enter competitions in the hopes of being the next Arnold Schwarzenegger or Ronnie Coleman only to be left dissatisfied and disappointed. The fact of the matter is that despite all the hard training and countless hours spent in the gym, the likelihood of becoming Mr. Olympia is pretty slim. It’s like winning the lottery. Of course you can win if you don’t compete, just like you can’t win the lottery without buying a ticket, yet the reality of losing after putting in so much hard work can be truly demoralizing. But there have been those that have fought through adversity to claim their spot as the world’s top bodybuilder. Grit and determination counts a great deal when it comes to this game.


Though many fans talk about Schwarzenegger and Coleman being the two greatest bodybuilders in history, they at times fail to forget the other men that were able to fulfill their own dreams of winning an Olympia. Arnold’s good friend and protege Franco Columbu comes to mind as a man who lived in the shadow of his long time associate to rise to the top of the bodybuilding world.

Columbu was a naturally athletic individual with some great credentials to call his own. He was an amateur boxing champion, a strongman competitor, and obviously a bodybuilding champion. There were few things the “Sardinian Strongman” didn’t excel at. Whatever sporting endeavor he chose to do there was no doubt that he would’ve dominated it.

With all the love that Arnold and Ronnie seem to get, you’d think people would have the same love for Franco. After all he’s won his fair share of Olympia titles as well while competing in powerlifting and strongman competitions along the way. Franco Columbu is a truly one of the greatest strength athletes to ever compete in bodybuilding, putting up some impressive numbers. This throwback Thursday we’re honoring Franco Columbu reminding the fans not to forget this awesome legend. Here’s a great tribute video that should due the trick.

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