Oscar De La Hoya Being Extorted For Sex Tape Involving “Kitchen Utensils”

Oscar De La is in a bind.

This week a torrent of news has surfaced over former boxing champion and president of Golden Boy promotions Oscar De La Hoya. According to Daily Mail, he is currently at the center of a $2 million extortion plot over a sex-tape. The issue is reportedly being investigated by the FBI.

It is believed that De La Hoya was targeted by two women online, whom he then invited back to his luxury condominium at The Montana building in Pasadena. Once inside, the three partied before Oscar was filmed on a cell phone in various embarrassing sexual situations. The tape allegedly includes:

“A totally naked De La Hoya playing the part of exhibitionist in front of two women, one blonde and one brunette, while in one scene the women are seen performing sex acts on him with kitchen utensils.”

According to Daily Mail, the women later contacted De La Hoya demanding $2million, but that he refused to pay or negotiate so the pair approached celebrity sex tape broker Kevin Blatt, who told Daily Mail:

“Yes two women tried to extort Oscar De La Hoya. I was contacted by someone claiming to be an Instagram model and she put me in touch with another girl. I took a meeting… I’ve seen a lot of shocking videos in my time and this one was incredibly embarrassing. But it was clear to me Oscar had been set up. The girls even took a picture of his driver’s license to prove it was him, they knew what they were doing, almost as if they had done this before. In my mind it was outright extortion and I cut ties with them immediately.”

This type of accusation might be harder to believe if Oscar didn’t already have several similar incidents. In 2007, Serbian stripper Milana Dravnel released photos of Oscar in fishnets, panties and high heels.

Then in 2011, De La Hoya was hit with another lawsuit in which it was claimed he threw a “depraved, cross-dressing, drug-driven orgy at New York’s Ritz Carlton Hotel.”

New York model Angelica Marie Cecora, then 25, also filed a lawsuit against Oscar in which she claimed he cavorted around in women’s underwear and went crazy with cocaine and sex toys, intimidating her and her friend when they tried to the room. However, she ultimately lost the case.

Now MTO news has allegedly obtained pictures of the encounter. Faces are not shown, so perhaps it is a last-ditch attempt at extortion, but in any case, the Golden Boy again finds himself in the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

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