Oscar De La Hoya Claims Floyd Mayweather Rigged Fight Against Conor McGregor To Go 10 Rounds

Was the fix in?

Even though the fight is now two weeks gone, it seems that people still can’t stop talking about the Floyd Mayweather/Conor McGregor match. While many were entertained by the event, there were individuals, mainly boxing purists, who believed the match to be a farce. One of those many individuals is none other than former boxing superstar turned promoter, Oscar De La Hoya.

Ever since the fight was announced, Oscar De La Hoya was adamant in his detraction of the fight. On numerous occasions he denounced bout and said that it was a disgrace to boxing. Now that the fight has occurred and is set to be the second highest pay-per-view event of all time, Oscar De La Hoya still believes the fight was a farce. He’s even going on to suggest that Floyd Mayweather bet on himself to win in the tenth round and drew the fight out to ensure it would happened just as scripted.

It’s interesting to note that while Oscar De La Hoya denounced this match up, he did at one time suggest that Ronda Rousey would be able to beat Floyd Mayweather in a boxing match. While he could have been joking of course, it is something to think about. With the Gennady Golovkin versus Canelo Alvarez fight just around the corner, interest in boxing is at a all time high. Whether you were a fan of Mayweather versus McGregor or not one thing is certain: it’s gotten more eyes to focus on both boxing and MMA.

What do you think of Oscar De La Hoya and his accusations about the fight?

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  1. Mayweather could have won at round 5. But he dragged it on. He wanted to entertain his fans. Not illegal is it. He still beat connor fair n square. It was always a money match

  2. De la Hoya needs to quit boxing, give up golden boy and work as the voice of Dora the Explorer . Oscar de la explorer: Oscar, Oscar, Oscar de la explorer , Oscar esss una locaaaaa, put on your panties, put on your panties, Oscar de la Explorer!!!!

  3. Round 9
    McGregor lands vicious punch to the ribs
    Ref quickly stops Conor from capitalizing on that and broke them up.

    No chance in hell he would of stopped the fight if Conor was whooping Floyd like Floyd did to Conor in round 10. No FOOKING way

  4. Mmmm….do cause Floyd knew he would beat Connor cause he’s not a boxer and he’s fighting one of the best ever, he could spin it out to ten rounds and did it was defo a fix! Come on Oscar you’re better than this pish, get a grip ya dafty!

  5. FKN 100% rigged
    He got hit by shit he never would of

    N the first few rounds Connor had not his normal power n energy over a million n 150 for mayweather why the fuck wouldn’t ya

    But it’s just shit to watc

  6. The whole fight, lead up…..everything was a joke. If these dudes are gonna get in the ring with hacks and armatures then give a no name every day person off the street a chance at $100 million dollars and to go 10 rounds.

  7. This is old news for all you CASUALS. Gay la hoya sounded DUMB AF on the breakfast club smh.
    Did you guys get to hear that lying , drug addict , alcoholic cross dressing piece of shit??? That mfker is just a piece of crackhead shit…as much as he lies. He ain’t been the same since Floyd CAME UP 2 WEIGHT CLASSES and took everything from him

  8. Just a ploy to add fuel to a dying sport (boxing) as mma is dominating the marketplace. 12 rounds of jabs just does not equate to the excitement of even UFC low points. Boxing it’s own is just not enough to captivate. Watching the fights highlights seems boring

  9. Isn’t this obvious lol lol i was under the assumption everyone knows this fight was carefully planned out and staged by both men long ago lol lol. Money grab, did no one watch the post fight press conference? They were hugging, smiling, joking with each other giving fist pumps laughing at how all the suckers bought into it. These men are friends. They actually shared the same private jet to fly around to different countries to promote this fight. Fact.

  10. About time a pro came out and said this fight was fixed in the worst way McGregor pulled his punches. Tapping this fools nose barely scratching the surface on a full contact blow fight was fixed you can tell in slow motion footage it’s ridiculous

  11. It was never any more than a money grab for both parties. They want to pay him 200 mil to fight a guy from a different sport, with almost NO downside (risk of losing), why wouldn’t he take it. Until boxing starts showing scores after each round, it’ll always just be about the money.

  12. Anyone with half a brain should be able to see how fixed it was,how you gonna bet on yourself for exact round n win method.rigged!!! It coulda been over inside 2-3 rounds easily they couldnt let him get embarassed includin the boxing community


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