Generation IronWhen do you hit the gym?

When it comes to the time of day you choose to work out, there are many different ideologies. Many have stated that training in the early morning is most beneficial to their training. For example, training at 5:30 AM benefits some as there’s no one at the gym to hog up any machines or pose any distractions. The same can be said for training late at night. Others who have decided to train in the hours between 12 and 4 AM have all cited the seclusion of the gym as their main reasoning for training so late.

The one difference found by many however is that they have more energy during their early morning training sessions as opposed to training after work. Your energy may be sapped after a long day in the office or on the construction site or a number of the other jobs that keep you away from the gym.

But are there any differences when it comes to body type? Endomorphs , ectomorphs and mesomorphs all have their difference. So what time of day benefits each?


For endomorphs, training in the morning would highly ideal because of their slower metabolism. In the morning your testosterone levels are higher than normal and can promote fat loss, using your stored fat as energy.


The high metabolism of an ectomorph, training in the evening may be more ideal. Having a faster metabolism means it’d be a better bet to get some food in their system in order to convert it to energy and in turn give them fuel for their workouts. If an ectomorph eats after training in the night it’ll promote muscle building while they sleeping.


Those with the mesomorph body type have a lot more leeway in their choice. Depending on which body type they relate to between the endomorph and ectomorph, it’s possible for the mesomorph to train at any time of day with seeing some good results. Generally the afternoons seem like a great time for gains, but that’s if you time.

Of course these three body types are just generalizations. Every single body type is different and will react differently on a very detailed level. The key is getting to know your body through constant observation after every workout. Being acutely aware of what seems to best fit your body is the most important thing you can do in understanding when and how to train for a bodybuilding physique.

All in all it depends on your schedule, when you’re feeling in your prime physical condition, and if you have the drive and push to get in the gym in the first place. If you’re too lazy to get in the gym and are quick to make excuses to not getting a training session in then it won’t matter what time of day you train. Get in the gym and start lifting if you want results.


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Jonathan Salmon
Managing editor of Generation Iron, Jonathan Salmon is a writer, martial arts instructor, and geek culture enthusiast. He has been writing about bodybuilding, combat sports, and strength sports for over 8 years. Check out his YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Sound Cloud for in-depth MMA analysis.