Paul Smith Completes Three-Peat At 2024 UK’s Strongest Man

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Paul Smith won his third consecutive UK’s Strongest Man competition.

The 2024 UK’s Strongest Man competition ended on Sunday with eight competitors fighting for a title in the United Kingdom. In the end, it was a familiar face hoisting the prize as Paul Smith won his third consecutive title.

The competition spanned across two days with eight advancing to the final round. It was an intense battle between Smith and Louis Jack during the final five events. Smith finished in the top two in each of the five events to secure his third victory.

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2024 UK’s Strongest Man Final Results

  • First Place – Paul Smith, 38
  • Second Place – Louis Jack, 34
  • Third Place – Andrew Flynn, 28
  • Fourth Place – Shaun Diver, 24
  • Fifth Place – Matt Dimond, 17
  • Sixth Place – Chris Beetham, 15
  • Seventh Place – Cillein Groom, 9
  • Eighth Place – Stephen Jackson, 5


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2024 UK’s Strongest Man: Event Breakdown

Event One – Truck Pull

The Truck Pull was the first event of the competition. Competitors were asked to pull a 15,000kg (33,069lb) truck 20 meters. This was a timed competition and the athlete who did it in the fastest time would be crowned the winner.

  • First Place – Paul Smith, 36.36s
  • Second Place – Matt Dimond, 36.67s
  • Third Place – Andrew Flynn, 36.89s
  • Fourth Place – Louis Jack, 37.98s
  • Fifth Place – Cillein Groom, 40.29s
  • Sixth Place – Shaun Diver, 41.98s
  • Seventh Place – Chris Beetham, 43.4s
  • Eighth Place – Stephen Jackson, 43.5s

Event Two – Tire Flip

The event would continue with the Tire Flip. This is where athletes would be asked to flip six tires weighing 435kg (959lb). There was a 75-second time limit but no competitor reached this mark.

  • First Place – Louis Jack, 4 in 28.48s
  • Second Place – Paul Smith, 3 in 64.42s
  • Third Place – Shaun Diver, 2 in 60.35s
  • Fourth Place – Andrew Flynn, 2 in 72.52s
  • Fifth Place – Cillein Groom, 1 in 64.09s
  • Sixth Place – Matt Dimond, 0
  • Seventh Place – Chris Beetham, 0
  • Eighth Place – Stephen Jackson, 0

Event Three – Daddy Dumbbell

The Daddy Dumbbell event featured a 90kg (198.4lb) weight and competitors were supposed to press it overhead with one arm for as many reps as possible. This tested upper-body strength but also required great form and technique.

  • First Place – Paul Smith, 9 reps
  • Second Place – Louis Jack, 7 reps
  • Third Place – Andrew Flynn, 6 reps
  • Fourth Place – Shaun Diver, 5 reps
  • Fifth Place – Chris Beetham, 4 reps
  • Sixth Place – Matt Dimond, 1 rep
  • Seventh Place – Cillein Groom, 0
  • Eighth Place – Stephen Jackson, 0

Event Four – Car Hold

The Car Hold tested grip strength and endurance as the fourth event of the competition. Strongmen were asked to hold a 300kg (661.4lb) car for the longest amount of time. There was no limit for this competition and would be timed, with the competitors holding the car the longest winning.

  • First Place – Paul Smith, 63.91s
  • Second Place – Shaun Diver, 60.73s
  • Third Place – Louis Jack, 55.68s
  • Fourth Place – Andrew Flynn, 50.82s
  • Fifth Place – Chris Beetham, 41.52s
  • Sixth Place – Matt Dimond, 37.12s
  • Seventh Place – Stephen Jackson, 30.53s
  • Eighth Place – Cillein Groom, 0

Event Five – Stones Of Strength

The final event of the competition featured stones, which is a staple in Strongman. Competitors were faced with five stones that went up in weight from 110kg (242.5lb) to 160kg (352.7lb). The one who completed all five stones in the fastest time would win the event.

  • First Place – Louis Jack, 5 in 28.34s
  • Second Place – Paul Smith, 5 in 28.80s
  • Third Place – Andrew Flynn, 5 in 28.90s
  • Fourth Place – Chris Beetham, 5 in 30.92s
  • Fifth Place – Matt Dimond, 4 in 25.74s
  • Sixth Place – Shaun Diver, 3 in 17.72s
  • Seventh Place – Stephen Jackson, 2 in 24.55s
  • Eighth Place – Cillein Groom, 1 in 14s

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