NPC Competitor Phil Carter Defies Odds with Cerebral Palsy

It’s amazing what someone who chooses the path of bodybuilding can do with their body.

While that statement is true for just about anybody who hits the gym regularly, it’s an incredible statement when applied to a man like NPC Physique competitor Phil Carter, who has trained hard to become a pro-bodybuilder despite suffering from cerebral palsy. Carter is an incredible example that you get out of the gym what you put into it, no exceptions.

“God gave me this body cause I’m creative and determined enough to make something out of it & this life cause I’m strong enough to live it. God doesn’t make mistakes. Embrace your struggles, they shape you for your greatness,” he captioned a recent post of his pose-down at an NPC event.

Although cerebral palsy can be physically debilitating, Carter has persevered to become successful in a sport that challenges the body and mind. It’s also a great reminder for all of us that physical fitness is enormously beneficial to your physical and emotional health. No matter your age, weight, or ability, every single person can learn from the self-discipline that bodybuilders cultivate. Plus, working out releases chemicals in your brain that actually make you feel better and happier — that’s a scientific fact.

Although cerebral palsy is a progressive illness, Carter has chosen to rise above and continue to do what he loves. He is the master of his own fate and he chooses the path his life takes — by continuing on with his dreams of being a bodybuilder, he has taken the ability to define his life away from his illness and returned it to his own hands.

“I’m not dealing with cerebral palsy, it’s dealing with me,” he succinctly captioned one of his many posts on the issue.

If you’re facing a rut with working out and don’t know how to move forward, check out Carter’s Instagram page. He frequently shares updates on his fitness progress along with a lot of inspirational and motivational material that can help you get back in the gym. Strength and fitness isn’t an easy goal for anyone, but it being difficult is what makes it so worth it to pursue. Trust me, when you stand on the mountaintop of true fitness success, you will breathe a bit easier.

Carter’s bodybuilding nickname is “The Ability,” which is a deliberate rejection on his part of the term disability. Society may see him as disabled but he chooses to locate his character not in his disease but in his ability to persevere and rise above it. He is truly able to overcome and achieve so many things despite his situation in life. It’s a great reminder that whatever you think is holding you back actually isn’t. It’s all in your own mind. Taking control of your mindset is the first step on the path to greatness. Thank you Phil Carter for teaching us all this important lesson.

*All images and media courtesy of Instagram.

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