Phil Heath Explains His Training Split And Tips For Lagging Body Parts

Phil Heath breaks down his training methods.

Phil Heath is known for one of the most well-rounded physiques in the business. He revealed his training split along with tips to balance your body, in this new Massive Muscle video.

Phil says his first split was a relatively orthodox one:

“My first training split was back and bi’s, chest and tri’s, legs and shoulders, and I noticed over time that I was better off doing back and bi’s, chest and tri’s, legs by itself and shoulders by itself. I like to do back and bi’s cause we all know that when do some back movements your biceps are engaged. Same with chest and tri’s they go hand in hand.”

Over time he realized that shoulders and legs needed individual attention. Nothing was gained by combining their training.

“As far as legs are concerned. I think if you’re doing enough volume with hams calves glutes and quads that is going to be more than enough for you and you might end up having to spit those up as well.”

He says shoulders in particular require a lot of time and focus to build out completely.

“Shoulders I feel is lost art because in bodybuilding there are three heads, and to create that three dimensionality you have to work all three and it takes some time to be able to do that.”

So the total split was six days:

Monday- Shoulders
Tuesday- Quads and light hamstrings
Wednesday- Back and bi’s
Thursday- Rest day, or Chest and Tri’s
Friday- Hamstrings
Saturday- Back or touch up day (used to fill out lagging body parts or practice the back stage pump-up)
Sunday- Rest day

According to Phil, lagging muscle groups should be trained every third day, and you should be consuming a lot of carbohydrates the night before, ensuring you have the glycogen stores to push out heavy weights. He also recommends sticking to a routine for four to six weeks before switching. Most people don’t give their routines time to prove their virtues or flaws.

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