Phil Heath breaks down every single beat of the Olympia 2018 weekend – from rise to fall.

ONE ON ONE WITH PHIL HEATH – is an exclusive 4-part interview with Phil Heath one week after his loss at the Mr. Olympia 2018. Vlad Yudin sat down with Phil for nearly two hours discussing his immediate emotions after losing, a play by play of the weekend, and his plans for the future. This is part 2 of the interview.

In Part 1 of our one on one with Phil Heath, Phil gave us his immediate thoughts and reactions on the Olympia 2018. Now in our second part of our four part exclusive interview, Phil takes us beat by beat, hour by hour about his mindset and emotions as things began to unravel around him. What started out as yet another confident return to Las Vegas slowly became a troubling and slow fall.

After the Friday night prejudging, Phil Heath felt confident as ever… until the criticisms started coming out. Not fan criticism. Not guru criticism. Criticism from his trainer Hany Rambod. The word was that the competition was close… and that Phil had a chance of losing. To this day Phil has no idea what exactly made him lose the Olympia 2018. All he knows is that by the time he was walking into the finals, he know there was a good chance he would lose.

But that’s not something Phil Heath would take lying down – and he gave it his all to try and prove his worth. Ultimately that wasn’t enough and that bad feeling Phil had before the finals followed him through to second place.

Phil also goes into more detail comparing his physique to Shawn Rhoden’s shot for shot. In his mind he had him beat – but the judges are the ultimate rule. Check out part 2 of our one on one with Phil Heath above!

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