Phil Heath’s Forearms Look UNREAL in Recent Photo With Dexter Jackson

Phil Heath is showing some insane forearm development.

There’s no denying that both Phil Heath and Dexter Jackson are two are the most iconic bodybuilders of the modern era. Both men have held the title of Mr. Olympia and despite being the older statesmen of bodybuilding look to be in absolutely insane shape.

While Dexter Jackson was recently on stage at the 2019 Olympia, Phil Heath has decided to take some time away from competition since the 2018 show. But if the below image posted to Instagram is any indication, Phil Heath is still putting in a ton of work at the gym.

In the below Instagram post Phil Heath and Dexter Jackson pose for a photo with their wives after a night out together. While the photo itself is noteworthy for having two legends of the sport having a night out together, it also shows that Phil Heath truly hasn’t lost his step, his forearms still looking so monstrous it truly boggles the mind.


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What a great night with @mrolympia08 and @floridafit1 as @shuriecremona and I couldn’t stop laughing at all of the fun we were having. There’s obviously a ton of bodybuilding history between us and although we battled on numerous stages, we are now in a place where we both can have a meal, reflect on those times and truly appreciate each other’s legacy which in my opinion is extremely valuable. Safe travels you two and oh Dexter, we owe each other a badass workout someday in 2020 ok!!! Oh and to Gale, thank you for your support of not only Shurie and I but also for who you are to Dexter and your family as it does take someone with strong character to uphold, uplift and love men like us. Much Luv!!!! #PhilHeath #DexterJackson #MrOs #YesWeWoreTheSameShirt #YesHesSwole #TheBladeAndTheGift

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