Generation Iron Year of Dexter Jackson

The sharpest blade in the kitchen.

The 2015 Olympia has come and gone leaving fans and observers a lot to think about. The biggest event of the year went off without a hitch despite losing the celebrated veteran Kai Greene due to contract disputes. Sure, Kai not competition left a mark on the event, especially when considering his rivalry with now five time champion Phil Heath, but nevertheless the show was still pretty impressive, having it’s fair share of shocking moments that will be discussed for years to come.

One of the biggest shocks was Dexter Jackson’s impressive placing. The bodybuilding veteran and former Mr. Olympia was on top of his game and proved to be one of the dark horses of the competition. With men like Shawn Rhoden, Dennis Wolf, Big Ramy, and Phil Heath in the competition, many were counting out “The Blade” from taking a place in the top three. But anything can happen in bodybuilding and it seems that Jackson prepared a physique that would shock the competition.

When the names were being read for placings in the open weight division, more than a couple of the men on stage were surprised. Jackson beat out Big Ramy and Dennis Wolf, something that the fans in attendance seemed to be pretty shocked about. The placing of Big Ramy and Wolf led many to believe that Shawn Rhoden would be a clear choice for second place in the category. But the judges had other ideas. When Rhoden’s name was called out for third it became apparent that the top spot was down to Jackson and Heath, a development that no one saw coming. Was it possible for Dexter to have the ultimate redemption and earn the title of Mr. Olympia once more? Could he complete a year of massive success with the ultimate trophy? Ultimately, this was not the case  – but despite not winning the whole show, it was pretty awe inspiring to see that Dexter Jackson, a man with decades of experience and thought to be at the end of his career, was able to take second placed at the prestigious show.

This year “The Blade” was in top form winning the Arnold Classic a record five times and now taking second place at the Olympia. It appears the old dog still has some tricks up his sleeve and we could be seeing a resurgence of one of the true greats in the sport. Tons of people have said it before but we’re going to say it again: Dexter Jackson’s year is proof that age means nothing. Dexter Jackson is forever young.

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