Philip Ricardo Jr. discusses whether or not a natural bodybuilder can win over an enhanced bodybuilder in competition.

On Friday, July 31, Generation Iron: Natty 4 Life was released to the world. The film explores the world of natural bodybuilding and compares it to the untested leagues. We’ve been conducting follow up interviews with the cast from the film to further explore the comparison between these two words. Philip Ricardo Jr. is one of the top pro natural bodybuilders currently competing. But how would he stack up to enhanced pro bodybuilders? In our latest GI Exclusive interview, Philip Ricardo Jr. details whether or not a natural bodybuilder can defeat an enhanced bodybuilder in competition.

It is often stated that steroids are not a magic cure to make someone a champion bodybuilder. While steroids do help enhance recovery and strength, the athlete ultimately needs to still put in an extreme amount of hard work to become the best. This holds true for natural bodybuilders as well and then some. Without a variety of substances to help increase recovery, natural bodybuilders have less room for error in their journey to become the best in the world.

So what would happen if these two worlds collide? Can a natural bodybuilder defeat an enhanced bodybuilder on the pro stage? Is it possible for a natural competitor to work harder than an enhanced bodybuilder to overtake them at a show?

During our conversation with pro natural bodybuilder Philip Ricardo Jr., we discuss this very question. Ricardo believes that it is possible – thought it gets harder and harder up the ladder you progress. Ricardo had competed in NPC competitions during his early years. He competed natural even though he knew other competitors were likely using steroids. He was able to win first place in a handful of those shows.

This further proves that steroids are not a cure-all substance to transform an athlete into a champion. Underneath everything, it’s the hard work, focus, and dedication that defines a top level bodybuilder. Some bodybuilders choose to stay all natural for either health or legal reasons. Others decide they are willing to take risks in order to push the boundaries of mankind.

But regardless of those individual choices – it’s the hard work and dedication that unites us all as bodybuilders. Can a natural bodybuilder ever become Mr. Olympia? That’s a much less likely scenario. But many sports throughout history has shown that nothing is impossible. That’s part of what makes sports so enjoyable to watch.

You can watch Philip Ricardo Jr. go into more detail about natural bodybuilders competing against enhanced bodybuilders in our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above!

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