Phys-Ed Teacher Takes To The Bodybuilding Stage

Teacher steps on the competitive bodybuilding stage.

Colby Treadway is a physical education teacher at Sherman Elementary and a professional bodybuilder. He has returned to the school where he first learned the art of lifting to impart the importance of health and goals to children.

Colby said it was hisown physical education teacher Eddie Weikle who inspired him to teach and lift big. He told Williamson Daily:

“He was a tremendous influence on me. I wanted to be like him. He did an amazing job and I always looked forward to his class and how he made things fun, but you still learned a lot. He cared about the kids and I wanted to model myself as a teacher after that.”

Treadway entered his first competitive bodybuilding event in Charleston while at University. He finished second at the Mountaineer Classic as a novice.

In his most recent outing, Colby win third in the Heavyweight Division at the Kentucky Muscle Championships.

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“My goal going in was to finish in the top five,” he said. “I was pleased to finish third. There was a lot of competition there and it was a big step for me.”

Now Colby is training for the NPC Junior USA Championship event in South Carolina.

“I’m really working on my back,” he said. “My legs are my strength and so much of that is genetic in terms of your strengths and weaknesses. I have to work more on my back than someone else may have to.

“I enjoy the discipline that it takes to do this,” he said. “It carries over into other aspects of your life. It’s been great for me.”

Despite his personal and competitive success, Colby says the real reward is passing on the knowledge and skills that he was given as a young man at Sherman Elementary.

“We all know of the problems that many kids in this county have,” he said. “Things are hard here and I wanted to make an impact on their lives. I wanted to be a positive influence here where I grew up because so many people had that impact on me.”

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