PJ Braun discusses whether or not intermittent fasting could be a useful tool in bodybuilding.

Nutrition is a key element of building a masterful bodybuilding physique. It’s arguably more important than the actual training. Your nutrition is the foundation upon which weight training builds off of to grow a massive and shredded physique. With a variety of “trending” diet techniques flooding the bodybuilding and fitness industry – which ones are legitimately useful for a bodybuilder? In our latest GI Exclusive interview, PJ Braun discusses various diet trends including intermittent fasting – and whether or not it can be a powerful tool for bodybuilders.

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There are a wide variety of diets that are currently trending in fitness. Depending on who you ask, you’ll hear a different answer as to what is essential for revolutionizing your diet and your physique. But who can you trust? And is any one diet truly exceptionally better than the other? For PJ Braun, there is no real answer. Why? Because as time passes science evolves and the “rules” keep changing. With each passing decade, we re-evaluate what is best for a person’s health. We also re-evaluate what is best for building and toning muscle.

So PJ Braun thinks that bodybuilders should obsess less over what is the “right” diet and simple focus on what each individual’s body best reacts to. Ultimately, nothing replaces hard work and whether it’s a keto diet, vegan, or paleo diet – the core attributes of what a bodybuilder needs in their nutrition will always stay the largely the same.

Currently, PJ Braun has adopted intermittent fasting. But does fasting burn off muscle? Can a bodybuilder maintain muscle mass using an intermittent fasting diet? According to PJ Braun it is totally possible. What is important to note, though, is that it is not effective for those looking to build muscle. Fasting is a better technique when one wants to maintain the muscle mass they already have.

So is intermittent fasting a good option for bodybuilders looking to prep for competition? Probably not in the long run. But for those who are looking for a way to stay lean and maintain the muscle they’ve already earned – perhaps intermittent fasting is a good solution to keep off the fat.

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You can see PJ Braun’s full explanation and experience with intermittent fasting in our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above!

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