PJ Braun shares his thoughts on drug testing in bodybuilding and natural bodybuilding leagues.

PJ Braun is a bodybuilder and entrepreneur known equally for his business, physique, and memorable personality. He is man passionate about the sport of bodybuilding and has strong opinions about the current state of the sport and its future. In our latest GI Exclusive interview, PJ Braun explains his big frustration with natural bodybuilding and his take on the idea of drug testing in pro bodybuilding.

Ever since Arnold Schwarzenegger stated that he wanted drug testing in professional bodybuilding, everyone and their mother has had an opinion about the controversial statement. We’ve interviewed various coaches, athletes, and experts about their take on potentially drug testing pro bodybuilding, so when we sat down with PJ Braun we asked him for his take on the subject.

PJ Braun’s answer was short and direct. No, he didn’t want drug testing in bodybuilding and he thinks it would hurt rather than help the sport. But his answer became much more interesting (and funny) when we followed up and asked him about the current natural bodybuilding leagues that currently exist. PJ Braun used a metaphor to make his point: “Natural bodybuilding is like going to a wet t-shirt contest but none of the women have boobs.”

PJ laughs it off and makes it clear he’s over-exaggerating for getting a few laughs, but the core of his sentiment still holds true. Most bodybuilders want to have the best physiques in the world and will work hard and do anything to perfect their bodies. So why wouldn’t they take steroids to take their physiques to the next level? The main counterpoint is that these natural athletes want to be healthy, but PJ Braun believes that if you go to a doctor and don’t abuse steroids and other PEDs, they are perfectly healthy.

He also goes on to say that natural bodybuilders are already spending massive amounts of money on a wide variety of supplements. They can actually save money by dropping their “all-natural” mentality.

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Of course, at the end of the day there is a divide in opinion about steroids and other PEDs. Many don’t agree with PJ. They simple don’t want to take the health risk. They stand with the side of the law and science. If steroids are not allowed to be used recreationally for sport – it shouldn’t be done.

That’s why PJ Braun ends his argument back where he started. Regardless of what the athletes want, the reason natural bodybuilding shows are less popular is because they simply aren’t as exciting to watch. If you can go to a show with more impressive physiques that push the boundaries of what the human body can do, why would you go to a show with smaller and less shocking physiques? It’s like a wet t-shirt contest without the… well, you get the point.

You can watch PJ Braun’s full response about drug testing and natural bodybuilding in our latest GI Exclusive interview above.

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