PJ Braun Sentenced To 4.5 Years In Prison, Guy Cisternino Steps Up At Blackstone Labs

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After a slight delay, PJ Braun has been sentenced to 54 months in prison and announces increased role of Guy Cisternino at Blackstone Labs during his absence.

On Thursday, February 17, 2022, Blackstone Labs president PJ Braun was officially sentenced to 54 months in prison after a slight delay in the courts. A day after the sentencing, Braun made his last official announcement as president announcing that Guy Cisternino will step up in an increased role at Blackstone Labs. This news comes just under one month after Aaron Singerman’s sentencing.

Both PJ Braun and Aaron Singerman were convicted of selling illegal anabolic steroids and other unlawful controlled substances marketed as dietary supplements. During the case, both defendants pleaded guilty.

In addition to the 54 months in prison, PJ Braun also had to forfeit $3 million alongside Blackstone Labs forfeiting $1.2 million. Despite these events, Braun seems to remain confident that Blackstone Labs will continue to not only stay stable but grow during his absence.

In his last official statement as president posted to Instagram, PJ Braun also announced that Guy Cisternino will be “taking over” during his time in prison. While this does not go into exact detail of what this means – it is clear that Cisternino will take on an increased responsibility within the company. Cisternino is already a sponsored athlete of Blackstone Labs.

PJ Braun also took some time to explain his actions and the court sentencing in the video. He claimed that the two illegal substance Blackstone Labs sold were a pro hormone and SARMs. He also claims that neither he nor Aaron Singerman were aware that they should not be selling them. Despite this, he takes full responsibility for his actions and accepts the time he will serve in prison.

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In the lead up to the sentencing, Aaron Singerman made many headlines due to some erratic actions. This included two DUIs – one in a boat and one in a car. PJ Braun’s sentencing was originally set to be the same day as Singerman’s but was postponed. Reports claim that this postponement was due to unspecified medical issues that needed to be reviewed before the final sentencing.

Both PJ Braun and Aaron Singerman had spoken with Generation Iron previously across various digital series we have produced. PJ Braun was featured in our Muscle Moguls series – which had an entire episode dedicated to the original raid of Blackstone Labs.

Aaron Singerman also spoke with Generation Iron via our GI Exclusive interview series. In one particular segment, Singerman discussed his relationship with PJ Braun and the legal action taken against Blackstone Labs.

At this time it is unclear if either PJ Braun or Aaron Singerman will serve the full 4.5 year sentence. It’s likely that they will be able to earn reduced sentencing for good behavior among other factors.

Regardless, at this moment PJ Braun seems optimistic that Blackstone Labs will still be flourishing upon his return. With many other employees and athletes involved in the 22 year long running business – hopefully the company will be able to survive the turmoil of the case.

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