PJ Braun agrees with Tony Huge and his methods amongst controversy leading up to the release of Enhanced 2 The Max.

PJ Braun catches up for a brief and casual chat with Generation Iron in our latest GI Exclusive discussing Tony Huge and the controversy surrounding his unusual methods and underground experiments. PJ Braun believes that Tony Huge actually helps the industry and is misunderstood – but not dangerous.

Tony Huge is a man who conducts underground experiments involving steroids and other PEDs in an effort to better understand the truth of these substances. In a world were clinical studies cannot be conducted due to the illegal nature of these substances, Tony Huge looks to enhance human evolution and prove once and for all these drugs are just as safe as many other legal substances in the United States.

His initial ideology was explored in Enhanced – a documentary chronicling his mindset and life. Now with the release of the sequel, Enhanced 2 The Max, controversy has arisen over Tony’s methods. Are they dangerous? Is he influencing young people in a way that will get them hurt?

According to bodybuilder and entrepreneur PJ Braun, Tony Huge is actually helping society by doing experiments that we can all learn from. While the experiments are certainly dangerous, the results can help the world have a better understanding of substances that are so taboo no one talks about them.

PJ even takes it a step further by comparing Tony Huge to another controversial figure – the late Rich Piana. PJ admits that it’s a controversial statement to put on the record, but he believes that Tony Huge is better for the bodybuilding world that Rich Piana ever was. Do you agree?

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Enhanced 2 The Max

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