Play “Natty Or Not?” With Reddit

Natty or Not?

Among the many fitness related threads on Reddit is one dubbed “Natty or Juice”. While usually such threads are havens for those looking to tear down others or rationalize personal shortcomings, the game can be entertaining, if purely speculative. Let’s take a look at some of the most interesting posts from the thread.

First up is Youtube and social media celebrity Bradley Martyn. The Reddit consensus is that he is in fact juicing. Just the absolute size of his muscles is strong evidence. One commenter also mentioned that he always wears a hat, the rumor being that he’s prematurely balding.

Next is UFC breakout sensation Paulo Costa. At UFC 217 in November, the Brazilian demolished former Welterweight champion Johny Hendricks at 185 pounds. While all UFC fighters are required to undergo USADA and commission testing, the testing system is far from airtight, and notoriously hard to perform in Brazil.

Then come the Crossfit girls. Although many of the sport’s male athletes have been questioned, the size and condition of female Crossfitters have drawn particular attention across the internet. Crossfit in general has established itself as a sort of cult in the larger fitness culture and for their brand to keep growing it must continue to produce impressive bodies. This incentive compels many to believe that the Crossfit women have achieved their bodies by cycling PEDs rather than high rep burpees.

Next up, The Mountain, from Game of Thrones. Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson is a professional strongman, which raises some suspicions immediately. Although he is massive and incredibly strong (with a raw squat of 970 pounds), he achieves a surprisingly balanced look thanks to the largeness of his frame and the amount of fat on his body.

Last up, another GOT actor Kit Harrington AKA Jon Snow. Although far from having a stage-ready physique, Kit has muscled up in the past few years. Actors are widely known to use steroids in order to achieve appropriate looks and enhance their brands, but Reddit almost unanimously declared Kit’s physique natural. But these days, having the internet declare you natural is almost an insult.

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