Dustin Poirier wants his rematch.

On Saturday night at UFC Norfolk, Dustin Poirier achieved a spectacular stoppage win over former Lightweight champion Anthony Pettis. In his post- fight interview he made it clear he wants the winner of the UFC 218 throwdown between Eddie Alvarez and Justin Gaethje next, and after that, the belt.

At UFC 211 Poirier and Alvarez fought in a highly entertaining fight, with Poirier gaining steam until Alvarez threw illegal knees that resulted in a no-contest when Poirier couldn’t continue. So at the Post fight presser- Poirier expressed a hope that Alvarez would win and a rematch could be arranged.

“I hope Eddie wins. We can build this up into what it should be, a rematch I should have got before this fight even happened tonight. I should have gotten an automatic rematch.”

Instead, Alvarez ended up coached a season of The Ultimate Fighter opposite Gaethje, and that doesn’t sit well with Dustin.

“He shouldn’t have been rewarded with a TV show, and more publicity, and another fight against another high-ranked guy,” Poirier said. “He cheated, and got out of a fight he was losing, and he should be forced to run it back with me. … I’m the guy who got robbed in that fight. He got rewarded.”

There are hardly any guarantees when it comes to UFC matchups, especially in the competitive and chaotic Lightweight division, but Poirier is confident he’ll get the winner of Alvarez-Geathje.

“One-hundred percent, I deserve it,” Poirier said. “I earned it. I’m not begging for it, I won.”

Another fighter looking to fight the winner of that mach up is Kevin Lee, who lost to Tony Ferguson in autumn. The outspoken and charismatic young fighter wants to bounce back and regain a title shot as quickly as possible, and he is stiff competition for Poirier.
But none of these matches mean anything until the belts are unified. Conor McGregor, the division’s champion, has still not arranged to face interim champion Tony Ferguson, and until then, the other contenders are only jostling for third place in line.

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