Powerlifter Catches Alleged Trespasser That Was Creeping Around Neighborhood For Months

Powerlifter chases down and captures neighborhood creep.
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Powerlifter Tim Nickson took it upon himself to stop a neighborhood creep.

Powerlifter Tim Nickson has used his strength in the past to move tremendous amounts of weight in the gym. Recently, he had to use it all in a different way as he caught and brought down an alleged peeping Tom that had been lurking around his neighborhood.

A man, who became known in the area as the Creekwood Avenue Creeper, had been caught on security cameras walking around the neighborhood and even going onto properties and staring into windows. This activity dates as far back as six months when Nickson had his first encounter with the man.

Nickson told A Current Affair that the man entered his home without permission but escaped over a fence once he was noticed.

“I see him and I’m like ‘holy crap.’ He was in my house and the exact same night, he was back. I went out to put laundry on the clothesline and he’s just standing there looking at me.”

Nickson was unable to catch the man initially but proceeded to take cautions against him.


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Tim Nickson Catches Neighborhood Creep

Tim Nickson installed security lights and boarded up the windows in his bathroom. After speaking to police, Nickson was told that there was no ID on the main and that he had to do something about the situation.

“As harsh as that sounds, they’re right. you have t step up, you have to protect your family and you’ve got to serve your community, right?”

On Friday, six months after their first contact, Nickson found the man lurking around a nearby house. This time, Nickson chased him down and was able to grab ahold of his shirt.

“I slam him to the ground and I say to him, ‘this is a citizen’s arrest.'”

Police arrested the 28-year-old man and charged him with trespassing. He will appear in court next month but the investigation remains open as police look for similar activity in the area.

Tim Nickson did what he had to do in the situation and hopes that the court will do the same.

“This stuff can’t just be dealt with with a slap on the wrist. This stuff has to be dealt with properly.”

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