This Powerlifter Is So Jacked and Shredded He Could Make A Great Bodybuilder

This powerlifter has an impressive and massive form.

Strength sports have a great deal in common as well as having major differences. Bodybuilding and powerlifting are often likened to each other, mainly in the fact that both endeavors require a person to build tremendous amounts of muscle to compete at the highest levels of the sport. Lifting heavy weight is the key to success in both endeavors, yet bodybuilders focus more on the aesthetic aspect of lifting where powerliters are all about strength. But there is definite cross over between the two endeavors.

There are bodybuilders with extreme strength the likes of powerlifters. The opposite is also true with powerlifters having the aesthetics of a high level bodybuilder. One such powerlifter that fits into that category is no doubt Ben Pollack.

A powerlifter by trade, Ben Pollack has competed in powerlifting meets for several years now, yet he has trained for over fifteen years. With so many years of lifting heavy weight, it only makes sense that he would have built up a tremendous amount of muscle along the way. Whether you’re a bodybuilder or a powerlifter, if you’re constantly lifting heavy then it means your muscle is going to grow to amazing levels.

The Instagram post below showcases Ben Pollack in all his massive glory as he preps for another powerlifting meet. But his posing skills aren’t half bad..

What do you think of Ben Pollack’s potential as a bodybuilder?

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  1. So many power lifters could be high level body builders….dan green and Larry wheels instantly come to mind. And plenty of bodybuilders could be high level power lifters….pretty sure akim Williams pulls over 800 so


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