Fred “Biggie” Smalls gives the detailed truth about overtraining.

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Fred “Biggie” Smalls wants you to know that overtraining is 100% real…. but not necessarily in the way you are probably thinking. The debate surrounding overtraining is often the conversation about physicality. Does our body physically run out of steam from overtraining? But the place that overtraining really exists is neurologically. Don’t know what that exactly means? Fred breaks it down in great detail in this episode of Professor Smalls.

There are many tactics that should be adhered to in your workout and training regimens in order to prevent overtraining. It can seem overwhelming at first – keeping things in check on top of the already strict lifestyle of diet and training in bodybuilding. That’s why Fred breaks it down clearly beat by beat so that you can understand exactly what you are doing to your body when you train hardcore – and how to manage your hardcore training to maximize results without burning out. Check it out above!