The ultimate guide on how to build muscle mass and muscle strength.

PROFESSOR SMALLS – brings the vast knowledge of pro bodybuilder and trainer Fred “Biggie” Smalls straight into your home. Covering everything from training, diet, and genetics on a pro level – this is the most comprehensive breakdown of all things bodybuilding to help you build the best physique of your life. Professor Smalls airs every Wednesday.

Most advanced bodybuilders know that just because you have big muscle mass, doesn’t mean you have high levels of strength. This also goes vice versa. If you are incredibly strong, you might not have massive size. But that is just a basic understanding of size vs strength. That’s why Fred “Biggie” Smalls has a complete breakdown and guide on how to maximize your training for building mass, increasing strength… and also how to do both at the same time.

While Fred starts off with breaking down the details of your muscle and how to best activate them for size and strength respectively, he later goes into a fully detailed routine that will put your body through the gauntlet and have you coming out bigger and stronger than ever before. Get all the facts in the full episode of Professor Smalls above!