Everything you are (probably) doing wrong when bulking.

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Part of the natural cycle of a bodybuilder is the art of bulking and cutting. While some bodybuilders choose to stay in sharp conditioning throughout the whole year, many often bulk up during the off season to pack on more size – then cut it all down during contest prep to have a grainy, dry, and hard conditioning.

But it’s one thing to say you are bulking and another thing to actually bulk right. Just because you are bulking doesn’t mean you can eat whatever you want (unless you are a genetic marvel). For most of us, you need to still pay attention to what foods you eat and how you bulk to ensure your conditioning comes in on point come competition day.

That’s why Fred “Biggie” Smalls breaks down the best way to bulk like a pro bodybuilder. The main goal is to build up size with gaining as little fat as possible. Fred goes into detail about every single aspect you should consider to ensure that you are bulking the best way possible – and will come out on top with the best physique possible when you step on stage.

Learn everything you need to know about bulking in this episode of Professor Smalls above!