The pros and cons of (almost) necessary steroid use in bodybuilding.

PROS VS CONS – is a breakdown of controversial topics within the bodybuilding and fitness world. Host Jeff Logan throws down the positives and negatives to on some of the most conflicting and “grey area” subjects in the industry. Airs every Wednesday.

If there’s one word you’ve heard more than any other regarding bodybuilding, it’s steroids. The causal population and mainstream media use this word to villainize the sport, the bodybuilding media avoid talking about it (mostly), and fans constantly debate whether or not steroids are necessary to pro bodybuilding. Well let’s cut through the crap this week and have Jeff Logan showcase the pros and cons of steroids. Yes, it gives results. Yes, pro bodybuilding wouldn’t be the same without it. But it also has serious downsides that should be discussed – get both sides in our latest episode above!

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  1. Some of you little d’ck mofos need to shoot sternoids into yer d’cks and maybe it’ll grow to a respectable size. Lord knows I don’t need it, if anything, I need a d’ck reduction, since the btches tell me I’m so big it hurts’em. Sorry bout yer luck fellas.

  2. This information is based on…. it all depends on the person, the dose, there health. I’d rather be a fitness guy useing these drugs then someone on opiates or a heavy drinker. And you don’t put a needle in your ass and get huge. You recover faster. The people that do this, and if there huge. They put in hours while the average guy can put in all they want but they can’t heal and grow the same way.

    • Agreed completely. And for the steroid haters, call me when a natty show gives a half million for first place. Granted they have exceptional physiques that they’ve worked decades on, but I️’d rather see a freak show. I want to see Roelly come in at 350 next year..Just don’t want him to die either. (And it wouldn’t be the steroids that would do it)

    • It is supply and demand people buy tickets for what they wana see and pay for the prizes with their money so people will put their health at risk for money and ego… but is it any difference from dangerous jobs lol

  3. There’s a diff between upping your test levels if your over 40 for health benefits and recovery to the guys who over do it … before anyone jumps in , there’s health side affects from LOW test , just one being depression …. and next time you take a paracetamol , read the side affects , in fact any over the counter

  4. Pros:
    -Increased protein synthesis
    -Increased IGF-1 and MGF
    -Increased nutrient partitioning
    -Increased androgenic bone strengthening
    -Increased Erythropoetin, Hematocrit/Hemoglobin (red blood cells ex: oxygenation)
    -anti-catabolic (anti-glucocorticoid) ex: anti-muscle wasting

    -acne (sometimes)
    -gynocomastia(increase in breast tissue)
    -Male Pattern Baldness
    -hepatoxicity(liver strain)”oral steroids only”
    -Increased LDL (bad cholesterol)
    -increased blood pressure
    -Increased prostate enlargement

    Here’s the interesting part:
    Literally EVERY con can be countered with either medication or supplementation and everyone will exhibit either all/some/none of these symptoms…
    Example: On ANY Steroid, I NEVER experience Male Pattern Baldness, Acne or prostate enlargement. Gynocomastia and blood pressure increase seem to be my biggest struggle.
    For gynocomastia, (which is my biggest culprit, I use a combo of Letro, Nolvadex, and sometimes Prami(or an herbal combo of P5P and Mucuna Pruriens) believe it or not for some specific steroid-related gynocomastia, this does work very well in high doses..

    My point is, if you didn’t already know most/all of this information already, should you really even be commenting on what steroids do or be using them?

  5. The cruel reality is the following:
    No matter how hard you busted your ass and juiced,this physique wont last more than few months,without gear.
    Look at former Mr.Olympian’s who look just “athletic”.
    Even though they all are into HRT.
    Natural Bodybuilding is almost a different sport.
    The natural gains are more likely to remain the same.
    Unlike the steroid based gains,that 80% are gone,especially if the person quits from training.
    Now regarding the plethora of side effects,as an ex competitive bodybuilder,
    i would say:If its worth taking any risk,do it to compete.
    Not just to be a gym rat,or a beach boy.

  6. I find it funny in the 80s and early 90s test was considered a steriod and no doc wanted to touch claiming a host of side effects everything from riod rage to prostate damage and liver and heart damage. Then u could buy two bottles for under twenty bucks from the pharmacy. No big pharma saw the rise in PEDs and drug reps push the benefits of testosterone to doctors for male menopause and and now HRT is big business. So big pharma caught on to what many bodybuilders new all along when we said that the sides were just scare tatics and over stated. Now testosterone generally is anywhere from 90 to 120 a bottle at the pharmacy. Total hoarse shit and before someone says I get test alot cheeper than 90 bucks. Shut up that’s not my point of this response

  7. The thing I find funny is if a person take steroids lifts and eat healthy people say stop it you are going to kill yourself, now if you have a guy who doesnt lift he just eats junk and goes out drinking and get wasted people say that guy is so cool he knows how to have fun.

  8. I’m on TRT, and people still tell me I’m “cheating” just because I feel 30 years younger. And with the shrunken nuts, I got a bigger looking dick.


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