Psycho Fitness explains how he would train Big Ramy and bring him to stage with killer conditioning.

Big Ramy is one of the most threatening bodybuilders to the Olympia title. His only problem, and it’s been a consistent one, is that he is never on point with his conditioning on stage. For years experts and fans have expected Ramy to overtake the Olympia throne. And every year he has fallen short. Some fans are beginning to wonder if it will ever happen. In our latest GI Exclusive interview, Psycho Fitness explains how he would train Big Ramy to fix his conditioning problem and help him win the Olympia.

Make no mistake about it, Big Ramy is still a powerful figure in the pro bodybuilding circuit. But as Psycho Fitness so plainly put it in our interview, the window is closing fast on his chance to become Olympia champion. The key part about this statement is that the window is still open for now. Can he finally pull his conditioning together to destroy the other competitors on the Olympia stage?

The big question isn’t what Big Ramy needs to fix. It’s why is he having the problem? And how can it be fixed? Psycho Fitness thinks he has the answer. Ramy needs to decrease his size so he can more easily tighten up his conditioning.

Psycho thinks that Big Ramy’s individual body parts are all on point. He is a titan of a bodybuilder who only needs to fix that one conditioning problem to become unstoppable. He has been with the greatest coaches currently in bodybuilding ranging from Dennis James, Neil Hill, and Chris Aceto. Yet none of them have been able to help him bring in his conditioning.

Big Ramy posing on the Olympia stage (above).

Psycho Fitness is aware of this – and thinks at this point after so many good trainers, Big Ramy needs to look in the mirror. He needs to allow his coaches to bring down his size. So what would Psycho do if he were Ramy’s trainer?

“If I trained him I would lock him in one room and then he would be on the treadmill for hours at a time,” Psycho states in our interview. “He would super set. He would giant set. And I would pull him down about 12-15 pounds.”

Big Ramy normally floats around 300 pounds from what we’ve seen in the past. So it would be interesting to crank down the “big” of his name. But after so many years of coming so close but never earning the Olympia gold, perhaps it’s exactly what he needs to become a true champion.

You can hear the rest of Psycho Fitness’ comments in our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above!

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