Chris Lewis aka Psycho Fitness reflects back on the whole truth about his split with Charles Glass.

Psycho Fitness is a hardcore old school bodybuilding trainer who shot into the center of the spotlight when Shawn Rhoden won the Olympia 2018. Rhoden switched to training full time under Psycho Fitness and did what seemed like the impossible – beat the 7x reigning champ Phil Heath. That’s certainly a good credit to have on your resume as a bodybuilding trainer. But during this time drama unfolded behind the scenes. Psycho and Charles Glass had a falling out, a beef bubbled into the online rumor mill, and ultimately Psycho Fitness got banned from Gold’s Gym because of it. In our latest GI Exclusive interview Psycho Fitness shares the full details on his split with Charles Glass and being banned from Gold’s Gym.

After Shawn Rhoden won the Mr. Olympia 2018, many people looked towards his new trainer, Psycho Fitness, as part of the key to Rhoden’s success. Certainly the bodybuilder himself is responsible for his own hard work and pulling it off – but the team around him is a vital role as well in succeeding through to the finish line. But with the increased interest in Psycho Fitness came gossip about some drama in the bodybuilding training world.

Ultimately, the rumors were proven true. Glass and Psycho had a falling out. They both trained athletes at the same gym but ultimately, according to Psycho Fitness, Glass pulled some strings to get him banned from the legendary gym.

Charles Glass is one of the most legendary bodybuilding trainers in the history of the sport. He’s been a mainstay in the coaching and training world and is widely respected by athlete and fans alike. Even Psycho maintains that attitude during our interview with him – stating that Glass is truly a respected trainer in bodybuilding’s beloved history. So what went wrong?

As Psycho Fitness puts it, the problem started when he started gaining a massive collection of clients. As his popularity grew, some of Charles Glass’ clients suddenly wanted to switch over to Psycho. He refused them – out of respect to Glass. But apparently Glass was unhappy with the mere fact that athletes were contemplating leaving Glass for Psycho.

“I think Charles Got a whiff of this and he insulted me. Which you never insult somebody named Psycho, you never do that,” Psycho Fitness claims in our interview. He goes on,

“It was behind my back… I looked at Charles and he was an icon. He was a mentor. He was one of my mentors… but he told me in this conversation that I couldn’t take his clients and that if I did take his clients I could not have them win the Olympia and who was I to think so? So I said to him ‘okay, we’ll see about that'”

It was at this point that Psycho Fitness held nothing back and started taking up every client he could, even those that were leaving Charles Glass. This escalated things and in Psycho Fitness’ opinion – was the reason he got banned from Gold’s Gym. He claims that Glass gathered the other trainers together and got him kicked out of the gym.

“They waited for a loophole and they got me out of the gym,” Psycho Fitness confidently claims. Do you believe his side of the story?

Let us know after watching Chris “Psycho Fitness” Lewis’ full comments in our GI Exclusive interview segment above!

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