Product Review: Quick Fit Weighted Jump Rope Set

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This jump rope set from Quick Fit can enhance your workouts by providing a great cardio tool while enhancing gains.

Product Overview

Jumping rope has been a fun and engaging activity for us ever since we were young. Our minds jump to us at the playground or in a driveway trying desperately to jump rope because we saw it as simply fun. But jumping rope has great benefits for us now that we are older and seeking those bodybuilding goals. Associated with boxing, jumping rope has the ability to improve our cardio without ever leaving one spot on the floor. But this exercise is an excellent source of cardio and strength to help us reach our goals and improve all aspects of our athletic performance.

A great way to burn calories and aid in weight loss, jumping rope can support our mission to sculpt our bodies for that perfect physique while also aiding in muscle growth and increased balance (1). As simple and convenient tools, a jump rope should be in your gym bag or a staple in your home gym as a warm up, mid-exercise aid, or a high-intensity interval workout. A great cardio partner for bodybuilders, a jump rope should not be overlooked.

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Quick Fit is a company seeking to make the lives of athletes everywhere better by providing great equipment and this jump rope set is no different. Using high quality material, their products are built to last so you see gains for a long time without breaking the bank. Their customer service is top notch and only want the best satisfaction for their customers on all their products.

Quick Fit Jump Rope Set Highlights

Quick Fit Jump Rope Set comes with two ropes, a weighted and non-weighted jump rope. These will help build strength and work for a full body workout for both lower body and upper body muscles. As a great cardio exercise, this set will promote increased stamina and can accelerate calorie burn by kickstarting your metabolism into gear to start using fat for fuel. Built to last, the weighted cord is made from PVC and has alloy aluminum handles to ensure durability. This set will open doors to new forms of training without you suffering from the monotony of a boring cardio workout.

This set can ensure tangle free rope so you don’t waste time sorting through a ball of twisted wire and is easily adjustable for all of your needs. Heavy duty and long lasting, this has low impact on your wrists to stop any unwanted pain and strain and the anti-slip grooves on the handles ensure a satisfying grip to keep you jumping longer without any slippage.

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Product Details

Weighted Rope

This weighted rope is made from heavy duty PVC which ensures no tangle and the hassle of ruining your workout. With 10 feet of adjustable rope, you have more than enough room to get a great workout while the easy adjusting takes your height and desired distance into consideration. The superior alloy aluminum handles are built to last and provide great grip so no extra muscles are needed for compensation to make this motion happen.

The benefits of a weighted jump rope include the development of upper body power and greater muscle engagement since there is some added weight to deal with (2). This will also aid in shoulder development as the point of rotation while also strengthening your wrists without added pain. A great way to build lean muscle and burn fat, a weighted jump rope is perfect for building a desired physique.

Non-Weighted Rope

This non-weighted jump rope is made form lightweight PVC rope to also ensure longevity and a tangle free mess. The handles, although plastic, are sturdy and durable to handle any wear and tear from repeated use. Anti-slip foam handles work well to absorb moisture without adding any slippage to your form to ruin your workout.

While a non-weighted jump rope can provide similar benefits as the weighted jump rope in terms of muscle development and growth, the benefit of lighter weight is the ability to perform high-intensity interval training much faster by increasing speed and intensity to really get you going. High-intensity interval training is great for getting the body moving and increasing your metabolism as well as increasing power and explosivity for your respective sport.

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Price & Effectiveness

Quick Fit Jump Rope Set is perfect for all of your jump rope goals and the two ropes provide similar yet different benefits to tackle any areas you need for sport specific movements. This set comes at a price of $29.99 and includes both the weighted and non-weighted rope and a travel bag.

Pros: Two ropes are perfect for tackling any of your desired needs and the handles are great for grip. A great price from a company who cares about their customers and products.

Cons: Some quality control issues were reported with durability.

Wrap Up

Quick Fit Jump Rope Set is a quality jump rope set to give you great benefits for your strength and cardio needs. A staple in your gym bag or for your home gym, jump ropes have the power to really improve athletic performance and get your goals to where they need to be. Quick Fit ensures high quality customer service so you trust their products and the versatility of two ropes is great for desired gains. What you are really getting are two great jump ropes from a company who cares about your health and fitness at a great price. Check out Quick Fit Jump Rope Set today and see what jumping rope can do for your bodybuilding goals.

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