Regan Grimes and Antoine Vaillant Are Making Some Awesome Gains!

Regan Grimes and Antoine Vaillant are making some solid gains this off season.

The off season is in full swing and bodybuilders are embracing bulking season. Despite coming in eighth place at the Olympia, Regan Grimes walked away with some valuable experience and will look to improve upon his physique in order to give an even better performance next year. Antoine Vaillant may not have made it to the Olympia stage, but he’s also pushing himself this off season to make improvements.

During the off season, every bodybuilder has the opportunity to really dial in their training and reach new levels of greatness and both Regan Grimes and Antoine Vaillant are taking that fact to heart. With a good stretch of time between now and the next major competitions, these Canadian bodybuilders are looking to bulk and make quality gains.

From the looks of their recent social media posts, Regan Grimes and Antoine Vaillant are well on their way to building up some massive and powerful physiques.

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