Regan Grimes Uses His Wife and Friend to Train Legs Amid Quarantine

Regan Grimes does some pretty unique training during this pandemic.

Regan Grimes is one of the top prospects in bodybuilding today. He has proven himself to be competitive in both the Classic Physique and Open Weight division. With the coronavirus shutting down competitions it could be awhile before we see Grimes on stage again.

During this period of quarantine it would be easy to just stay in and train from home. That’s at least for the average person. For a top flight pro bodybuilder it takes far more drastic measure than just bodyweight exercises.

Like Chris Bumstead had to improvise his training, Regan Grimes is doing the same during this quarantine. With the help of his wife Victoria, and their friend Laura D’Ariano, Regan Grimes is pushing his training in a unique and unconventional way.

Desperate times call for desperate measures and Regan Grimes is being bashful about experimenting with his training during this harrowing time.

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