Reminiscent of Old School Ronnie Coleman, Fred Smalls Performs 2000 Lbs Leg Press

First it was Ronnie Coleman, now it’s Fred Smalls.

Training hard and heavy is a staple of bodybuilding. If you want to push your physique to new heights then it means forcing your body to grow. Sometimes lighter weights can get the job done depending on your goals. But there times that heavy weight is required to force a response from the body. Like Ronnie Coleman before him, Fred “Biggie” Smalls isn’t afraid to push his body to heights that few humans can imagine.

Ronnie Coleman was known for crushing weight training. Coming from a powerlifting background likely had a major influence on Ronnie Coleman as he pushed himself to become an eight time Olympia champion. That same insane training proved to be his undoing in the long run however, making replicating those feats a dangerous proposition. Nevertheless, Fred Smalls appears to be unafraid to try out the movements that made Ronnie Coleman such a legendary lifter in the gym.

Feeling inspired to train hard and push past his limits, Fred Smalls recently attempted a 2000 Lbs leg press in the vein of Ronnie Coleman. Check out the clip below to see the insane feat of strength.

Is this kind of intense training too straining on the body?

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