Revel Recovery for Women Review – A Complete Muscle Recovery Supplement for Women

Is this an ideal option for women that aids in muscle recovery and joint health?

World’s largest online fitness store that specializes in supplement products, technology, and tools present the muscle recovery supplement, known as Revel Recovery for Women. This review throws light on the best workout supplement for women. Apart from it being an ideal supplement to help you with your intense workouts, it also helps support joint health, improves hydration, and aids muscle recovery.

Though the market is flooded with several pre and post work out supplements, the options are limited when it comes to ones that are suitable for women. Nutrition requirements for women are different from that of men, so also women need supplements that will promote their joint and bone health. Collagen (1), which is the primary ingredient in this women supplement helps to restore or prevent the deterioration of the cartilage on the joints. It is a boon for women who suffer from arthritis-related joint pains. Women can consider taking up intense workout sessions without fearing joint pain and muscle soreness.

You can choose to have it before, after, or during your work out session to give you that extra energy and motivation required for a fitness routine. Find out if this supplement is the one for you after reading through our detailed product review.


  • Prevent muscle breakdown post intense workouts.
  • Specially researched and formulated ingredients for women’s health.
  • Active ingredients promote joint health.
  • Promotes hydration.
  • Promotes muscle recovery.
  • Non-GMO product.
  • It contains natural colors and flavoring.
  • Good source of iron and essential vitamins.
  • An ideal source of vitamin D which helps in calcium absorption.
  • Mixes easily with water.


  • Contains tree nuts (coconut).

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Ingredients and Nutrition Information

Supplement facts are an essential factor to consider before you invest in dietary supplements. One cannot stress more on the importance of understanding each of the ingredients that go into making these over the counter health supplements, as cheap imitations contain a lot of fillers. Read through to know in detail about each of the ingredients in these women-only energy supplements.

Each serving size (1 scoop) contains 5000mg of Collagen peptides (as Fortigel) (2) helps strengthen ligaments and tendons. 2000 mg of BCAA – Branched Chain of Amino Acids is present in the ratio of 2:1:1- leucine, isoleucine, and valine. It also contains Calcium hydroxy-methyl butyrate monohydrate – 1500 mg. This potent formula is complete with coconut water powder, which is a known source of hydration and high in antioxidants.

This unique muscle building formula for women also consists of ingredients such as Citric Acid, Malic Acid (Natural flavor), Sucralose, Acesulfame Potassium, Beta Carotene (natural color) in small proportions to enhance the taste and flavor of the supplement.

The presence of active ingredients such as collagen, BCAA makes this product useful and suitable for women. You will find that both varieties, peach mango, strawberry, watermelon, are refreshingly delicious. Coconut water is also well known for its subtle natural taste, which is sure to make this a tastier and healthier option (3).

This unique mix of collagen and coconut water is gluten-free, soy, peanut, and dairy-free product, which makes it ideal for people with these allergies.

Advantages of Revel Recovery

Prevents loss of muscle – Collagen is known for its muscle repair and building (4) properties. Studies show that older adults who had a regular intake of collagen daily were able to lift weights three times per week. They also seemed to gain more muscle while also losing more fat. So, the main ingredient in this supplement not only gives you energy and motivation but also aids in the overall development of your body. Collagen also helps in easing sports-related joint pain and arthritis pain, which is why we recommend women use this supplement as their work out essential.

Helps in building lean muscles – BCCA is a common ingredient in most work out supplements as it is known to prevent fatigue, improve concentration, and improve muscle mass by getting rid of unwanted fat. Calcium beta-hydroxy-beta-methyl butyrate is yet another active ingredient in this supplement, which is known to promote muscle strength and lean body mass. Hence this is an ideal work out supplement for women who are hell-bent in getting rid of excess weight through intense workout routines.

Provides more energy for resistance training – provides you with the extra motivation and push required for those sweaty pre-dawn work out sessions. It helps you better your performance each time without having to worry about muscle soreness, fatigue, and joint pains, which are a common outcome heavy work out sessions.

Faster recovery post workouts – You would be surprised how you will be all ready for your next work out session as you will be left with little or no pain from your previous work out sessions. Having this supplement drinks will also keep you active all day long.

Promotes hydration – Coconut water known for its hydration benefits is a great way to replenish lost fluids during your gym sessions, exercise routines, or athletic training. Sugar-free and low in fat make this a healthy alternative as compared to sugary drinks. It also contains the right amount of potassium, which helps relieve muscle cramps and spasms. This alkaline ingredient also helps maintain the right pH balance in your body and is also known to be excellent for heart health. The goodness of coconut water is abundant in this supplement in the form of coconut water powder.

Younger looking skin – what more do women need if they were to get a perfectly toned body and flawless skin at one go. Yes, this is what Revel recovery will give you; Collagen will smoothen withering skin and aging joints. This is the reason why Chinese women considered this ingredient to be the fountain of youth. This ingredient in the recommended dosage as part of your daily supplement will work wonders for your skin and body. Now you know why this health supplement is specially formulated for women.

Source of Vitamin A – Beta-carotene, which is used as a natural coloring agent, is also a good source of vitamin A is a natural antioxidant. It helps the body to protect itself from free radicals that damage cells. So, this supplement, in addition to supporting your body with muscle recovery, also aids in overall development.

Is this supplement safe?

Yes. We discussed in detail all the ingredients, which is why we recommend this as a safe option for women. It does not contain any fillers or components other than what is mentioned on the label. The only negative I would point out is the artificial sweetener, which forms a very insignificant portion of the serving. Other than that, it is a healthy and safe option for women who need that extra boost for workout sessions.

Always consult your physician before you decide to include this dietary supplement in your daily routine.

My Revel Recovery story

After testing several brands of workout supplements, I felt like this dietary supplement was just the magic concoction I was looking for. I could feel the difference from the very first use. Starting from the distinct naturally refreshing flavor to the increased stamina, everything is excellent about this product. I have tried both flavors. However, I am a fan of peach mango flavor.

I believe that apart from being a dietary supplement, this product is an excellent sports nutrition drink. After regular heavy workouts sessions, I do not get the much-dreaded muscle soreness and also keeps my body hydrated all through the tough work out sessions. I could even notice the changes to my hair and skin after having included this in my daily routine.

The powder is of a fine texture that makes it easy to dissolve in water, and it tastes best when chilled. I found it to be a bit sweeter than other supplements, so I like it more diluted. However, stick to the dosage if the sweetness doesn’t bother you.

Overall, I would still say this is the best tasting dietary supplement that gives you a host of other health benefits.

How much does it cost?

A Container that consists of 30 servings will cost you $27.99, which is competitively priced when compared to other options in a market. You might feel it is a bit pricier than the ones that do not have many natural ingredients in it. The special price will be justified after you have experienced the many benefits of this wonder product.

Overall rating

Effectiveness – 9/10

Ingredients – 8.5/10

Taste – 9/10

Price – 9/10


Final Thoughts 

If you are looking for a more holistic and overall development of your body, then Revel Recovery is the right health supplement for you. While it is sure to provide you with the extra stamina and strength for your workouts, you can rest assured about its safety when taken in the right dosage. Gluten-free, soy-free, and dairy-free product is suitable for people with allergies. Be it for your resistance training, work out sessions, or athletic training, this product is sure to work wonders for you.


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