Rich Gaspari: “There are a lot of guys that use Botox that don’t admit it, they should, but they don’t.”

Anti-aging treatments such as plastic surgery or Botox have been around for decades. In the current culture, it’s far less common to hear a man talk about using something like Botox. We all know they do it – but for some reason men are far less likely to feel comfortable admitting to it. Unfortunately in our society, when we hear the word Botox most people instantly think of women. Rich Gaspari is the exception. Not only does he use Botox, he talks openly about it and posts it on his social media. The posts went viral – proving just how uncommon it is to see a man talk about this stuff. In our latest GI Exclusive, Rich Gaspari talks honestly about using Botox and why he thinks more men should be open about it.

Bodybuilders, in some respects, need to be self absorbed by definition of their career. To perfect the human physique is purely about vanity. It’s about making your body look “perfect.” So it would stand to reason that many bodybuilders are most likely very self conscious about their looks. Could that be true beyond just muscle? For Rich Gaspari the answer is yes.

“I want to look young.” Gaspari easily states in our GI Exclusive interview. He takes Botox to help achieve that goal. He’s in his 50’s and his body is starting to show signs of late middle age. Just like Rich Gaspari has tried to perfect his physique during his bodybuilding years – so too does he want to perfect his overall look. The longer he can maintain an image that makes him feel confident – the happier he’ll be.

But unlike most men using Botox, he talks about it openly. He’s shared pictures on social media showing him receiving injections. He isn’t ashamed to be someone who spends money and effort to try and look young. That’s a refreshing sentiment – especially in bodybuilding. There’s often a stereotype that bodybuilders need to ensure a “manly” attitude. But as times change so too should the overall culture. “Manly” and “womanly” are concepts that are becoming outdated.

Ultimately, Rich Gaspari has nothing to hide. He’s proud of who he is and what he finds important. Man or woman. Botox or not. He remains open and honest about the things that are important to him.

You can watch him go into more detail about his Botox treatments and his views on other men keeping it hush-hush in our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above!


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