Rich Piana’s Shortcut To Becoming A Top Pro Bodybuilder

The best way to get to the top.

The ability to call yourself a professional athlete has been the dream of many fans and followers of all different kinds of sporting endeavors. When it comes to the most popular sports like basketball, baseball, football, and many others, there has always been a pretty well defined avenue for individuals to travel. As an amateur in any of these sports you can ensure that if you put enough work in and get enough notoriety that you’ll be sure to push your career into a potentially favorable direction and perhaps one day become a pro. It’s not that it’s easy to become a professional in those sports, but there is certainly a road map to follow. For bodybuilding things work a bit different.

If you want to become a professional bodybuilding there’s no real popular programs out there that will groom you to get to that level of prestige. Sure, there are amateur shows that novice bodybuilders can participate in, but despite that there are still some question marks surrounding bodybuilding and how an amateur can not only turn pro, but be successful as a professional as well.

So how exactly do you go about making that transition to becoming a top pro? Well, it seems that Rich Piana is willing to give some advice to young bodybuilders trying to get into the game. Though he may be a controversial figure, Rich Piana still has some good points to give out from time to time. As a former competitive bodybuilder himself, Piana has a some insight into the workings of the bodybuilding world. Take a look at the video below and get some advice from Rich Piana on how to break into the game.

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