Rob Kearney Appeared On “The Joe Rogan Experience” To Discuss Injury And Strongman

Rob Kearney provided his thoughts and some recent updates on one of the top podcasts.

The latest strongman to appear on The Joe Rogan Experience was Rob Kearney. The former Arnold Strongman Australia champion appeared on the top podcast to discuss a triceps injury he suffered during the World’s Ultimate Strongman “Feats of Strength” series. During the event, Kearney was attempting to break the American log lift record.

Kearney did some serious damage to his triceps and it was not fully revealed until it was time for him to have surgery to repair the injury. This led to the surgeons having to reconsider the steps they were going to take. The full interview can be found on the PowerfulJRE YouTube page.

“The MRI showed it was torn, but not to what extent. The doctor said it looked like a firecracker had gone off in my tendon,” Kearney explained.

It was not an easy fix for Rob Kearney. It took 14 sutures to reassemble the tendon to be attached by four anchors that were drilled into the elbow. There are few things that can keep a strength athlete out of the gym. For Kearney, he took two weeks off but quickly returned to train his lower body. During this time, he had to endure serious rehab to gain full range of motion. During the taping of the podcast, Kearney was still unable to extend his arm fully.


Rob Kearney was able to successfully make his return to competition last weekend during the 2021 Rogue InvitationalHe still did not have full range of motion but was able to finish sixth out of 10 competitors in Round Rock, TX. This performance showed that Kearney will return to full strength soon. Even without full range of motion, he was able to make an impact against some of the other top strongmen in the world.

Joe Rogan has sustained one of the top podcasts in the Internet for quite some time. During his tenure, Rogan has featured some elite competitors in both strongman and bodybuilding. Kearney joined the likes of Ronnie Coleman, Robert Oberst, and Mat Fraser as athletes who have appeared on the show.

It was good to see Rob Kearney back in competition and it will only get more exciting as he continues to get healthy. The next time he steps on stage could produce some better results than in Texas.

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