Rob Terry details whether or not he questions other natural bodybuilders on the night of a competition. Can he spot a fake natty?

On July 31, Generation Iron: Natty 4 Life was released to the world and put a spotlight on the world of natural bodybuilding. Not only did it explore the lives and stories of many top natural bodybuilders – but it also investigated the controversial accusations that the athletes were not really natural. Top pro natural bodybuilder Rob Terry was one of the featured athletes in the film. In our latest GI Exclusive, Rob Terry details if he can spot a fake natural bodybuilder during a natural competition.

The goal of professional natural bodybuilding is to provide a completely fair platform for natural athletes to compete. The Professional Natural Bodybuilding Association guarantees drug testing at every competition. If an athlete fails the test, their placing is removed, they are banned for life, and they are put on the Wall of Shame. But of course, the drug test results don’t come in until after the actual competition has finished.

When speaking with Rob Terry about natural bodybuilding and the experience of shooting Generation Iron 4, we asked him if he could spot a fake natural bodybuilder on the night of a competition. Is it obvious to a lifetime natural bodybuilder who is trying to cheat the system?

Rob Terry reveals that it’s not as easy to spot as you’d think. It’s also something he rarely thinks about on the night of a bodybuilding competition. When an athlete competes at the Natural Olympia, they are facing off against the best natural bodybuilders in the world. Due to this, they all bring insanely impressive physiques.

Rob Terry uses himself as an example. He knows his massive size and shredded physique often leads to people questioning if he is cheating with steroids. That’s why he takes random drug tests throughout the year – to remove any doubt.

So if someone like Rob can be questioned so constantly, then it stands to reason any other impressive natural bodybuilders have pulled off the same thing without the use of PEDs. That’s why Rob chooses to only focus on the competition at hand. How can he make sure his own physique is as perfect as possible to win the show. At the end of the day, the drug tests will reveal all who are cheating. So there’s no need for Rob to worry and possibly throw off his game on the night of a show.

You can watch Rob Terry’s full comments in our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above.

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