Robert Oberst Suffers Tear To Shoulder Tendon, Will Not Require Surgery

Robert Oberst will begin rehabbing a shoulder injury that has kept him out of competition.

Robert Oberst has announced that he suffered a tear to a tendon in his right shoulder. The powerlifter posted a video on his YouTube page to make the announcement.

Oberst explained that the tear is a half-centimeter and will not require surgery. It was in the front of the shoulder and was a bursae-sided tear, which means it was on the outside of the joint.

“I know everyone wants to hear why I had to pull out of The Shaw Classic. Well, you’ll know as soon as I do. Getting a shoulder/upper bicep MRI right now and hoping it’s something I can fix up fast!! Don’t worry, I’ll be back Til The Wheels Fall Off”


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Robert Oberst was scheduled to take place in the 2021 Shaw Classic, which took place on Aug. 27-28. Just days before the competition, Oberst pulled out of the competition with a shoulder injury but there was no other information released at the time. Now, it is clear why he was forced to miss the event.

Oberst set up an appointment with Dr. Joseph Lynch, who is a shoulder specialist. He advised Oberst to avoid rotator cuff surgery as this would have left a stronger chance that Oberst’s career in lifting might be over. Because the tendon did not retract from the bone, the option to avoid surgery was on the table.


This means that Oberst will have to rehab the injury with lighter weights and anti-inflammatories until the pain is more tolerable. His return to competition will depend on how effective the rehabilitation process is.

There is no solid timetable for when Robert Oberst might return to competition but if all goes well, it could be the beginning of 2022. The fact that he did not need surgery is good news if Oberst wants to return to powerlifting soon. For now, he will have to focus on the rehab and getting that should back to full strength.

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