The former middleweight champion is skeptical of Georges St-Pierre’s commitment to middleweight.

Luke Rockhold, former UFC and Strikeforce Middleweight champion, was first to cry foul when returning Welterweight Georges St-Pierre received a title shot against then UFC Middleweight champion Michael Bisping.

St-Pierre beat Bisping in spectacular, if not one-sided, fashion at UFC 217, and now the new champion is claiming he has colitis, and will be unable to fight any time soon. Rockhold is the voice of many Middleweight contenders who are frustrated at the new champ.

“He’s not fighting any of us,” he said on The MMA Hour. “He’s too small. Guys like me would feast on Georges. He won’t last here. He had his opportunity, he got his belt, good for you. Just move along and let us handle our business here.”

“I don’t want to jump to conclusions,” Rockhold said. “But, I mean, the fact is come out and just that say you don’t want to fight here in the division, relinquish the title, and move on. I’m tired of story after story and just dragging us on and leaving us in the dark. State what it is. If you’re sick you’re sick, but the fact is, you don’t want to fight in the division.”

UFC 221 will be held in Perth, Australia, on Feb. 10. Interin Middlweight champion Robert Whittaker would be the natural headliner. Rockhold says he would accept the bout if it were for the undisputed title.

“There’s been talks all along the way, potential this, potential that. They have to make up backup plans. They’re trying to make fights like Yoel Romero right now. Why would I fight Yoel Romero no one clearcut fighting Whittaker? Obviously I want to fight for the title if that’s available, I’m not going to f*cking sign any fight. I want to fight for the title, and if that’s available, that what I’m going to do.”

Rockhold seems uncertain about the future but very certain Georges wants no part of the Middleweight contenders.

“If Georges were to stay, it would be laughable. I’d be seeking the fight, I’m not seeking the fight because that’s not realistic. Georges won’t fight me, he won’t fight anyone. So, he looks right, Whittaker is the real champ, he has been the real champ a long time. Like I said, make it official and let’s move on.”

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