Roelly Winklaar is an absolute beast.

Open weight bodybuilding is all about taking the human physique to new heights. Through building muscle, a professional bodybuilder is able to sculpt their own brand of unique, each individual capable of bringing a completely different package to the table. Genetics are what set us all apart and in bodybuilding it allows certain individuals to either cultivate a massive figure or one more symmetrical or one more shredded. For veteran mass monster Roelly Winklaar, all three descriptors match his physique perfectly.

Just as other top IFBB competitors have seemed to totally lost all of their gains, Roelly Winklaar has seemed to pack on a ridiculous amount of lean mass. While we can always expect Roelly Winklaar to bring a massively muscled physique to the stage, the fact of the matter is that with every passing year we see more and more new growth.

As the Olympia steadily approaches we can clearly see that Roelly Winklaar has been taking his program to new heights. This recent Instagram post of beast just ten weeks out showcases why he may be the biggest mass monster in all of bodybuilding.

9 week out !!

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What do you think of Roelly Winklaar and his new lean gains?

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    • Shane Davey if he came in shredded he’d magically leapfrog past Dexter, Rhoden and Bonac straight into a battle for 1st … even though all those guys come in shredded and have much more proportionate and better looking physiques

    • shredded or not, he’s got no chance. His mid section is too wide and his proportions are off. He’s got a shit ton of mass but he’s too boxy and wide. Phil is perfection, dexter and rhoden are very close seconds.

  1. Shane Davey Roelly’s mind-bending physique will have you asking yourself: was this man sculpted by M.C. Escher?! But what it won’t have you wondering is “will this man win the Olympia?” because we all know that will never happen


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