Name: Roelly Winklaar

Nickname: The Dutch Beast

Division: Men’s Open

Birth date: 6/22/1977

Height: 5’6″

Competition Weight: 285 lbs

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Roelly Winklaar, the “Dutch Beast,” was born and raised in Curaçao, an island in the Dutch Caribbean. He and his brother were huge fans of bodybuilding growing up and would often watch and later participate in amateur competitions. However, all that changed after a near-fatal car accident in 2004. Winklaar had a sudden epiphany that he was wasting his life in amateur competitions and that his true calling was to be a professional bodybuilder.

He began his journey to IFBB pro status by moving to mainland Netherlands, where he sought out the best possible bodybuilding training. He began training with former bodybuilder Sibil Peeters, known as “the trainer from Hell” because of her demanding and intensely physical method of bodybuilding training. In 2009, Winklaar finally succeeding in going pro after winning the NPC Arnold Amateur Championships. He later established himself as a rising star after his victory at the 2010 IFBB New York Pro competition.

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