Roelly Wins 2016 Sheru Classic Dubai

Roelly is back at it again.

Roelly Winklaar just might be the new “People’s Champ” and tonight further proves it. With Kai Greene present, Roelly has won the 2016 Sheru Classic Dubai – and it sort of feels like the passing of a torch.

Kai Greene has long been known as “The People’s Champ” and in many ways he still is but his recent backseat approach to professional bodybuilding has left the doors wide open for a true and proper fan favorite to rise in the ranks. Roelly has grown larger and larger in size – and while his conditioning is still a bit off – he truly brings an energy in the room unlike many other bodybuilders. And this weekend he was back at it again. Claiming another pize. Wowing another crowd. The future looks bright for Roelly Winklaar.



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