IFBB Romania Muscle Fest Pro 2019 Results

An epic battle at the Romania Muscle Fest Pro 2019.

This weekend saw the IFBB Romania Muscle Fest Pro 2019 which had a stacked line up with eight divisions and some truly super star top pros stepping onto the stage. In years past, there were often many international competitions that brought the top competitors from the Olympia out to sweep up some extra prize money and face off against their peers. But 2019 was lacking in that department for the most part. That’s why the IFBB Romania Muscle Fest Pro was a much hyped competition – bringing in the most stacked line up since the Olympia back in September.

In Men’s Open – we saw a three way face off with Regan Grimes, Cedric McMillan, and Juan Morel all fighting for a first place victory and an early qualification for the Olympia 2020. So how did it all turn out and who landed the number one spot? The official results have arrived – check them out below.

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Men’s Open Bodybuilding

1. Cedric McMillian
2. Juan Morel
3. Regan Grimes
4. Maxx Charles
5. Lukas Osladil

Women’s Bodybuilding

1. Monia Gioiosa
2. Nataliya Amazonka
3. Claudia Partenza
4. Alena Hatvani
5. Oana Hreapca

Men’s 212

1. Angel Calderon Frias
2. Samial Hadad
3. Tomas Tabaciar
4. Guy Cisternino
5. Shotia Kagramanyan

Classic Physique

1. Wessley Vissers
2. Shicheng Jin
3. Abdelkarim Ammari
4. Roberto Martinez Pizana
5. Mikhail Timoshin

Women’s Physique

1. Valentina Mishina
2. Margita Zamolova
3. Mirea Henriquez
4. Modesta Halby
5. Irene Tristante

Men’s Physique

1. Andrei Deiu
2. Ryan John Baptiste
3. Youcefdz Anava
4. Jonathan Bueno Gonzalez
5. Maxime Villatte


1. Maryam Bambad
2. Frida Thestrup
3. Asher Prior
4. Anca Bergen
5. Barbara Kiss


1. Noora Mahonen
2. Alessia Facchin
3. Evita Breide
4. Adrianna Kaczmarek
5. Cristobalina Torres

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