Powerlifter Rondel Hunte Hits New PR With 380kg Deadlifts For Three Reps

Rondel Hunte has impressed with a new PR deadlift in training.
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Rondel Hunte continues to improve his strength and is working to reach new heights with 380kg deadlifts.

Powerlifter Rondel Hunte is preparing to reach new marks in competition and it shows during his training sessions in the gym. Hunte, the heavyweight lifter has shown off some impressive work and this includes hitting a new deadlift PR of 380kg (838lbs) for three reps.

Hunte stepped up to the bar and performed the sets raw with nothing but lifting straps. He used a conventional stance and rested between each rep. Hunte takes a step back from the platform before locking out the next set that consists of one rep. Also seen in the video, Hunte performs a bench press of 250kg (551lbs) for a smooth and slow tempo.

“380 / 837 x 3 Deadlift 10kg PR ????
250 / 551 x 1 Closer Grip Tempo

Didn’t expect to be in PR territory right now but I’m not complaining. ???? Strength is on the climb.”


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Hunte, a powerlifter from Trinidad and Tobago, saw the International Powerlifting Federation suspend his national federation early in his career but recently announced his return. The timeline will not allow him to compete in 2024, meaning he will have a full year to build even more strength heading into 2025. This is when he could have his eyes on IPF world record lifts.

Rondel Hunte Competition Bests

Rondel Hunte competed at the 2023 USAPL Raw Nationals back in September and was able to set new personal bests on stage.


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During this competition, Hunte came within range of many IPF world records. This includes coming within one kilogram of Dennis Cornelius’ 120kg-class world record squat. Aside from squat, Hunte was able to beat the best deadlift and bench press. Cornelius currently holds the bench press world record as well, which Hunte cruised past by 22kg.

Rondel Hunte has shown that he prioritizes all three lifts and has a special love for deadlifts. At the USAPL Raw Nationals, his 397.5kg deadlift was two kilograms more than the world record help by Inderraj Singh Dhillon.

Rondel Hunte continues to work toward his return to the IPF, which will likely come in 2025. There are many records that could be in danger once he returns to competition.

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