Ronnie Coleman Back In the Gym After Multiple Surgeries

Living legend Ronnie Coleman posted updates about his most recent trip to the gym on Instagram this morning.

It’s been a tough road to recovery for one of the greatest the sport has ever seen. Coleman has had 12 surgeries on his spine over the past two years, but shows no signs of giving up the gym. Take a look at the video below:

While he isn’t exactly Olympia ready anymore, Coleman is truly inspiring for his lifelong commitment to fitness. Multiple surgeries left him weaker than not only his former self but also just any average person. But, he chose to use that as an opportunity to better himself and improve his conditioning in the sport that he loved.

He also announced the title of his forthcoming book will be Yeah Buddy, My Incredible Story. Anything written by an eight-time Olympia champion sure to has advice worth reading, but Coleman’s character is what really shines here. You can take away fitness tips from anybody, but he has the real commitment to bringing his ideas to life and putting in hard work to reach his goals.

It’s an exciting new opportunity for Coleman, who recently told Muscular Development he might never walk again. Physical therapy has clearly done a lot to allow him to return to the sport he loves. His body has truly been put to the test so many times, but he’s never let life get the best of him. Best wishes to you, Ronnie, our team is hoping for a speedy recovery!



  1. Ronnie keep on training! You are still inspiring me to keep the fight. You signed a picture for me right before you turned pro that said to my friend Ronnie Dean Snowton keep up the hard work. So I say to you my friend, keep up the hard work. We are body builders whose not afraid to lift that heavy ass weight.

  2. He really is a legend. I wish I had met him. I watch his videos over and over but am still so amazed at what he did. Gosh his awesome and in my eyes the best there ever was and always will be and let me just ad I’m a Arnold fan but still Ronnie he is damn unreal and crazy. All the best in your recovery.

  3. Good to see you my man in gym.just be careful,u have nothing to prove. It would be great if you advise young gun’s not to train with heavy weight unnecessarily

  4. Good job sir. I was honored to meet you while working out at the San Jose Golds gym in the late 80’s. You’re amazing. Speedy recovery and happy holidays. Airborne!


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