Still a beast after all these years.

There’s a reason so many people revere the 70s and 80s as the Golden Age of bodybuilding. It’s an era that focused mostly on building great aesthetics as well as solid muscle. You can quite honestly become a mass monster and still not have an appealing physique. Everyone is different of course, but for the most part, those who had the drive and desire to become bodybuilders were inspired by the bodybuilders of the old guard. One of those inspirational figures is no doubt Rory Leidelmeyer.

A competitor with a ton of promise and upside, Rory Leidelmeyer is a man who was naturally athletic in his youth. As a youngster he had dreams and aspirations to become a professional football player for the NFL. It’s a common dream among many young people, nothing too shocking or out of the ordinary about that. But Leidelmeyer had some clear gifts that would have taken him to the big show. But like so many others before him, Rory Leidelmeyer suffered a life altering injury that would throw him off the NFL path.

While he could have used this as an opportunity to feel sorry for himself, Rory instead focused his attention on bodybuilding. He won a number of different titles in the 70s and 80s, including AAU Mr. America as well as the 1988 Mr. America. But though he had a ton of talent, he decided against becoming a pro to stay dedicated to his family. Instead, Rory Leidelmeyer would go on to become a personal trainer and trained many different NFL players over the years.

But while we may focus on Rory Leidelmeyer and his insane physique back in the day, it appears that even at 60 years of age he hasn’t lost a step. Take a gander at the Instagram post that shows the talented bodybuilder in all his old school glory, still ripped at retirement age.

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  1. why do you always get that guy comes on what is a bodybuilding pages knowing that most pros ain’t nat and still he posted chit about GH and gear why not just go all nat pages? i will tell you why most nats look normal no one lifts weights for 2-3 hours a day to fn look normal lol