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Multi-Purpose Nutrition on the Go!!

How important is your health to you? Do you pay attention to it? Most people want to have good health but don’t know how to go about it. Proper nutrition and exercise are both crucial. You may eat nutritious food, but if you don’t eat at the right time, it can prove more of a disadvantage. RSP True Fit  is what you are looking for! If you are one of those people who don’t have time to cook and even worse time to eat, then you should learn about this fantastic supplement, which can give you multiple benefits.

It is an all-round win-win situation for you. You get great nutrition, a perfect meal replacement, and, also a top-class post-recovery supplement. It contains natural grass-fed protein, organic fruits and vegetables, fiber, BCAAs, and healthy fats apart from many vitamins and minerals in the right proportion to give you the best results.

Are you a busy professional or an athlete or a combination of the two? Taking care of health has to be a priority for every person. You can have a hectic life but don’t use that as an excuse to have junk food and remain unhealthy. Including RSP True Fit in your daily diet will transform you and raise your energy levels. We present to you a lot of information about RSP True Fit for you to make the right choice.


  • Promotes healthy digestion with probiotics, prebiotics, and enzymes.
  • It is a superfood blend and contains fruits and vegetables along with low carbs.
  • Helps in managing weight with fiber
  • Helps in post-workout recovery with the BCAAs
  • Promotes lean muscle growth
  • All ingredients are of a high quality
  • The information on the label gives all the information clearly
  • Low in calories and high in protein
  • Curbs in-between-meals hunger
  • Available in many flavors, so there are many options


  • It is a bit on the expensive side, and there is no money-back guarantee.

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Ingredients and nutritional information

Each serving of this supplement is a perfect scoop of good health (1). All the ingredients are in the right ratio and in perfect balance to help you achieve your fitness goals. In each container of 2 Lbs. there are about 20 servings.

  • Protein:the protein in this supplement is grass-fed whey protein. Grass-fed protein is better than grain-fed protein. Protein is the key ingredient in overall growth and essential for good health. There is 25g of protein in this supplement.
  • Carbs:there is a proprietary blend of carbs and fiber. Carbohydrates give you the required energy. Post-workout you may feel tired or low on energy, and this drink will perk you up. Total carbs are 14g, which includes fiber and sugar.
  • BCAA: amino acids are essential building blocks of our bodies and work at the cellular level. Branch Chain Amino Acids are amino acids with branches. There is 5g of naturally occurring BCAAs in the supplement. It is excellent for your muscles after a workout session.
  • Vita Veggie Blend: this is a proprietary blend of the best vegetable and has only organic vegetables. It includes broccoli, tomatoes, carrots, spinach, kale, etc. which are all known as superfoods and provide essential nutrients to your body.
  • Vita Berry Fruit Blend: another proprietary blend and this time of fruits. The importance of fruits in our diets is immense! This includes strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, tart cherry, elderberry, and cranberry. All these are organic, and all are berries that are full of antioxidants.
  • Vitamins & minerals:vitamins A, C, and D are all immunity boosters. Vitamin D will also make your bones strong by absorbing the calcium in a better way. Vitamin C will keep the common cold away. Minerals like sodium and potassium are essential for our bodies to function well.
  • Dietary fiber:fiber is essential for the digestive system to work like a well-oiled VitaFiber IMO is a sweetener which has fewer calories. It also contains prebiotics and dietary fiber. It gives sweetness to the drink which is just right. It tastes natural and will not leave any bitter aftertaste.
  • Flavors: depending on the flavor, cocoa powder or vanilla flavor is present. Some natural flavors in the supplement add to the excellent taste.
  • Lactospore Bacillus Coagulans: this is a commercial probiotic component that contains lactic acid-producing bacteria. Our muscles need lactic acid in a large amount while exercising or doing any strenuous work.

This product also has Medium-chain Triglyceride or MCT Oil, which is a great addition. It promotes weight loss and is excellent for general well-being.

Benefits of RSP True Fit 

  1. Weight loss

The formulation of this supplement has the best ingredients (2) to accelerate weight loss. Because of the whey protein content, you will not feel hungry for a long time after taking it. So you don’t have cravings for junk food! The vitamins and minerals keep the balance and make sure that fat content in your body minimizes. It keeps you active even after a workout, and thus it is easier to burn calories.

  1. Regulates Digestion

Thanks to the presence of digestive agents like prebiotics and probiotics apart from fiber mean that your digestive system is regular. It will surprise you to know that half the ailments in our bodies start from our stomachs. Once your digestive system works well, there will be more energy to tackle your daily routines.

  1. Meal Replacement

There are times when you are not able to cook or have the time to make a nutritious meal. It is at these times that people are most vulnerable and end up either starving or loading on junk food. This supplement is a good meal replacement option. It will provide the necessary nutrition and also keep your energy levels high.

  1. Clean Nutrition

All the ingredients are of high quality and natural. Fruits and vegetables are organic and completely preservatives-free. It is also gluten-free.

  1. Correct label information

Many supplements try to hide their ingredients or mislead by giving wrong information. However, RSP True Fit gives you all the information clearly and transparently. Every small ingredient is visible on the label.

  1. Less fatigue and recovery time

It has BCAAs and carbs in the right amounts to keep your energy levels high. Even after a workout or a busy day at the office or as a busy parent running after your children, after you take this supplement, you will not feel tired and will have the energy to do things that you like.

  1. Lean Muscle growth

This supplement promotes lean muscle growth, which is essential for you to remain fit and flexible. There is very little fat in this drink, and there is MCT oil present in it, which is a very healthy fat. It helps in the body processing the nutrients in the right way.

Is it a safe option?

Yes, it is a very safe option. It comes from a reputed brand that is well known and quite popular with its range of supplements. All the products of this company are high class. RSP True Fit is no different. It comes to you after extensive tests and checks. All the ingredients in this supplement or of high quality and have the best origins.

It is the perfect multi-purpose supplement, and anyone can drink it without any problem. It is suitable as an after workout energy booster, as a meal replacement hunger-suppressing drink, and also as a general supplement for people with busy lives. The only side effects can be for people with milk or soy intolerance. It contains both, and you should read the label before choosing this.

When and how should you take RSP True Fit?

You should mix one or two scoops with about 8-12 fl oz of milk or water. It will taste like a milkshake. One scoop is enough for regular consumption while you can take 2 scoops after a workout. For lean muscle growth, stick to one scoop only. As a meal replacement drink, you should take it ideally at mealtimes, but you can use it in between meals for hunger suppression as well.

My take on RSP True Fit

You can read as much as you want but let me share my experience. I have been an active person since my school days. I was always playing different games and sports. As I grew up, I started to spend more time in the gym and working out. This turned into my passion, and I am now a certified trainer in a gym. However, even now, I can’t resist a game or two of football once in a while!! I have a busy life and a very active lifestyle. I noticed some time back that I was feeling tired and sore very often. My stomach would bloat, and there was a lot of acidity. Soon I realized that I had to pay more attention to it.

This was the time I started to try some supplements to fight the lethargy and hunger pangs. Nothing seemed to work, and some even made the condition worse. When I first tried RSP True Fit immediately, I could feel the difference. Within the first week, a lot of my symptoms just vanished. I felt more energetic and definitely in better health and spirits. I found that I was again enjoying the workouts and could focus better.

I am in the right place now, and people around me comment on my pleasant disposition!! I think this is the best supplement I have ever tried, and I am going to continue with the best.

What is the Price?

The price for a container of this powder with 20 servings is 29.99 dollars, which comes to about 1.50 dollars per scoop. The price may seem high when compared with other such products, but the high quality of ingredients that you get is unmatchable. There are so many vitamins and minerals in this, which puts it ahead of the competition.

Overall Rating

Effectiveness – 9/10

Ingredients – 9/10

Taste – 9/10

Price – 8/10



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