Rumor: Regan Grimes Has Parted Ways With Chris Aceto Once Again

Regan Grimes and Chris Aceto have parted ways.

It appears that Regan Grimes is making a big change. After working with Chris Aceto for majority of his young career, rumor has it that Regan Grimes has decided to once again part ways with the nutrition expert.

Regan Grimes has now completely shifted his camp for his return to open bodybuilding. He is now working with Dorian Hamilton, the same trainer for Antoine. This change has come out of left field, but this isn’t the first time that Grimes has parted ways with Chris Aceto. For a time, Grimes went to oxygen gym in Kuwait. When he decided to make a run at classic physique, Grimes once again partnered with Chris Aceto.

While we may not know all the details behind why Regan Grimes decided to part ways with Chris Aceto once again, the young bodybuilder seems enthusiastic as he begins the next phase of his bodybuilding career.

According to sources, Grimes will be competing at the Romanian Pro where he hopes to qualify for the 2019 Olympia. The post below shows Grimes working on his posing routine with his new coach Dorian Hamilton.

While not specifically stated in the post, sources close to Regan Grimes and Chris Aceto are alluding to the former’s departure from their partnership. Only time will tell if this is a match made in heaven or if it was a major mistake for Regan Grimes to once again dissolve his partnership with Chris Aceto.

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