Runtime Megabite Meal Replacement Bar Review

Packed with flavor and nutrition, this meal replacement bar is exactly what you need to elevate your performance.

Product Overview

Our busy lives make it hard for us to make a home cooked meal for ourselves. Sometimes we are rushing and can’t even muster up a sandwich. While there is something to be said about getting all of the essential nutrients from whole foods, there is a reason meal replacement bars and shakes exist: to help us when we can’t get it all from whole foods. While this is not a habit to fall into, using a meal replacement as a supplement to a whole food meal will still ensure a healthy diet and Runtime Megabite Meal Replacement Bar can do just that.

In a market highly saturated with meal replacement bars, shakes, and other supplements claiming to be the ones for you, it can be very challenging to find one that isn’t full of nonsense. Some have a great balance of macros but are just too high in sugar. Others may be low in sugar but crazy high in carbs. This can lead to disappointment and most likely you giving up on your search.

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Runtime has worked tirelessly to make products that cover all aspects of consumers’ needs. After months of testing with top athletes and experts in Germany, Runtime has delivered products to optimize both mental and physical performance. Originally developed for esports players looking to improve their overall health, Runtime realized that anyone willing to overcome a challenge and use sheer will to conquer that challenge should have the proper fuel to do so. Their mission is to help people overcome challenges and their products reflect the care and dedication required to actually do so.

Runtime Megabite Highlights

Runtime Megabite is a flavor packed nutrition bar that will enhance energy and keep you full for prolonged periods of time without any cravings or desires to snack. Packed with amazing ingredients and at effective dosages, this bar is a delicious and effective meal replacement aid for any busy schedule. The Chocolate Brownie flavor is tasty and leaves no poor after taste or grittiness. Designed to power your workouts to the next level, or promote a healthy lifestyle, Megabite is exactly what you need out of a good meal replacement bar.

With a 2:1:1 ratio of BCAAs and a high amount of both fiber and collagen, this bar packs a punch. A balanced amount of macronutrients with 9.9g of fat, 17g carbs, and 13g protein keeps this well within the range for most healthy diets. The use of isomaltulose, a smart carb, can slow digestive time, lower glycemic index and enhance cognitive function giving this product an innovative edge against others.

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Isomaltulose: A by-product of sugar beet fermentation, this new and natural carb can slow the effect on blood sugar levels (1), provide long-lasting energy through slower digestion and help with cognitive function.

Collagen: Can improve skin health as well as help relieve joint pain and bone loss while also boosting muscle mass (2).

MCT Powder: Increase ketone levels to use fatty acids as a source of fuel without raising blood sugar levels. This can also enhance mood, weight loss and energy levels (3) and has properties to fight inflammation and help with immune function.

BCAA Mix: A mix of leucine, isoleucine, and valine, BCAAs are key in increasing muscle growth, reducing fatigue, decreasing muscle soreness and preventing muscle wasting (4).

Chicory Root Fiber: Packed with prebiotic fiber so it aids in gut health and helps keep you regular (5). Can support appetite control with the intended effect of weight loss.

Other Ingredients: Dark chocolate coating with sweetener; maltitol; cocoa butter; soy lecithin, milk protein, cashew, coconut butter, glucose syrup; caseinate, acidity regulators; di-potassium phosphate, cocoa powder, rice flour, sugar, maize flour, wheat malt, wheat gluten, low-fat cocoa powder, salt, skimmed milk powder, citric acid

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Price & Effectiveness

Runtime Megabite is a solid meal replacement bar to keep you full at all times of the day. For 3 bars, each 60 grams, the total price is $9.99. The Chocolate Brownie flavor is great and there is an option for a one time purchase or a subscription.

Pros: Very filling with a delicious taste. A nice profile of BCAAs and a reasonably balanced macronutrients ratio. Using isomaltulose is an innovative approach.

Cons: Not many micronutrients limits this from working for a balanced diet. Slightly high in sugar and saturated fat.

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My Experience

I opened my package from Runtime and was more than excited to see what was inside. When it comes to getting all of my essential nutrients, I try hard to stick to whole foods. But after hearing good things about Runtime, I knew I had to try this for myself. I began to read about Megabite online as I worked to figure out just what was included. I was surprised (in a good way) to find that there was a great profile of BCAAs, high amount of collagen, even higher amount of fiber, and a solid ratio of macronutrients. What caught my eye immediately was this new smart carb, Isomaltulose. I had never heard of this before but what a cool and innovative way to bring extra energy and regulate blood sugar levels with this new ingredient.

I decided I would wait to eat this bar when I knew I had a full day and would be unable to make myself a meal. I took this bar with me into the city and as I walked around with friends, I ate this bar faster than you can say Runtime. It was amazing! The Chocolate Brownie flavor is absolutely delicious. It doesn’t have that gritty taste that other bars have and it didn’t feel heavy on my stomach, even as I ate and walked. This bar kept me full for a long time. My skepticism around meal replacement bars was on high alert looking for any flaws, but Runtime got me with this one. Megabite is just a great meal replacement bar all around.

Overall Value

Runtime Megabite Meal Replacement Bar is a great meal replacement product to really enhance all of your goals. Whether you are in training and need a boost or just operating your normal life and need a solid way to stay full, this bar is perfect for whatever the occasion. With great ingredients, a fantastic taste, and a reputable company behind it, you cannot go wrong with this meal replacement bar. What you are really getting is a great bar with effective and smart ingredients at a great price from a company who cares about their consumers. Check out Runtime today and see how far you can take your performance.

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