Russian Slap Champion Vasiliy Kamotsky Crushes Watermelon with Slap!

Vasiliy Kamotsky is a absolute powerhouse!

The mainstream media’s depiction of those with superhuman strength is always that of individuals who appear to be jacked and shredded. Most of that is due to the fault of fiction. You have Superman, The Hulk, Thor, and many other figures that you would find in a comic book superhero movie, all of them appearing to be in peak physical condition aesthetically speaking. But in real life, it’s often the ones that seem unassuming that possessed some incredible superhuman gifts.

Enter Russian slap champion Vasiliy Kamotsky.

A true beast of a man, Vasiliy Kamotsky has been dominating the Russian Slap Championship scene taking on all comers an always coming out victorious. With so many individuals looking to make a name for themselves in these Russian Slap Championships, Vasiliy Kamotsky stands above the rest with his absolutely monstrous power.

Recently Vasiliy Kamotsky took to his Instagram to showcase just how powerful he truly is. Vasiliy Kamotsky Is so powerful in fact that he’s able to Crush watermelons with a single slap. Look at the clip below and feast your eyes on the terrible power of Vasiliy Kamotsky.

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Header image courtesy of Instagram


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