Sadik Hadzovic Has Put On Some Insane Size In The Off Season

Sadik Hadzovic is looking massive these days.

While the bodybuilding may be saturated with fitness personalities these days, that doesn’t mean that the sport is some how going downhill. In fact, its probably proving to be better than ever. The professional bodybuilders out there need to prove their mettle and show that they are indeed the greatest muscle sculptors alive. They cannot rest on their laurels and simply think they are the epitome of the human form, they must show and prove it.

It seems that’s exactly the kind of mindset that is pushing Sadik Hadzovic these days.

The former Men’s Physique competitor is now trying his hand at Classic Physique. Though it seemed that Sadik Hadzovic would clean up easily upon moving up to the new division, he found some roadblocks that prevented him from securing victory. There’s nothing worse than having your best laid plans go to waste. Yet, a real champion understands that they must persevere if they wish to stand atop the mountain. Understanding this, Sadik Hadzovic has double down on crushing the opposition.

This off season Sadik Hadzovic has made a ton of improvements to his physique and has packed on a tremendous amount of muscle in the process. It’s clear that he isn’t just competing for the fun of it. Sadik Hadzovic wants to become a champion and it shows in his dedication, resolve, and his physique. The post below lays everything out there as he improves on his posing routine in hopes of bringing his best possible form to stage.

What do you think of Sadik Hadzovic and his newly acquired muscle?

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